Randomisers huh

I’ve beaten Aria of Sorrow three times in the last week, and thanks to the randomiser, it’s been different each time.
One time I went through 90% of the game with the gun from new game+. Just now I made it to the normal ending final boss in 20 minutes (I then realised the weapon I had didn’t work on him, but still). This thing doesn’t seem like it’ll get old anytime soon. I’ve spent some time with randomised pokemon, too, but those games obviously take a lot more time.

So, yeah, played any good randomisers? What’re some games that you think a randomiser would be fun for?

I watched my friend stream a Nuzlocke* run of Pokemon FireRed once that had the following things randomized:

  • Which Pokemon appeared in the wild where
  • Which Pokemon each Trainer had
  • Base Stats of each Pokemon species
  • Type of each Pokemon species
  • What moves each Pokemon species learned
  • What your starting Pokemon options were
  • What each gifted Pokemon was or Pokemon you could buy (like in the Game Zone)
  • What TM/HM each Pokemon could learn

It looked like a god damn nightmare.

*A Nuzlocke run is playing through a Pokemon game with two extra rules: you can only catch the first pokemon you encounter in an area and when a Pokemon faints, they’re dead.

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