Ranting about Anthem and Bioware


Patrick and Austins thoughts after plaything Anthem seem like good news?


Yeah, I want to be more down about this, but all the impressions make it sound dope?


I am glad the gameplay is solid. I get the sense that iterating on the mechanics is one of the most time-consuming and difficult aspects in the design.

But I am more worried about the story and continuity of the adventure. Otherwise it’s just another grindy looter shooter. I can’t remember anything about that sweet gold drop I picked up in whatever game that has random prefixes and suffixes cobbled together like Mr. Potato Head (I blame you Diablo). But I remember Mordrin singing Pirates of Penzance and drunk Tali doing vent sounds. Good times.


I kept thinking of how much fun the movement and combat were in Zone of the Enders and it’s sequel. It sounds like Anthem might land in that ballpark. I was very luke-warm on the game at first, but now I can’t wait to hear/see more.


Seeing Austin and Patrick’s response to hands on of the game was encouraging, but as my wife and I watched EA’s pitch for Anthem, we had way more questions than answers. I’m JUST now starting to catch up to the E3 episodes of the podcast and I think it was Austin who mentioned that in comparison Bethesda made the better pitch for Fallout 76 because they answered key questions and gave a real sense of what the game was, whereas EA’s pitch for Anthem gave us no real sense of what the game actually was.

Anyway, I HOPE Anthem does well because I want more Dragon Age and would like to return to Mass Effect some day.


Yeah Austin’s and Patrick’s reaction to Anthem has me interested…

If they’ve nailed Iron Man flight that’s a real cool way of getting around.


BioWare is clearly still a huge team with a lot of leads. Companies like Id who have almost completely refreshed their talent pool with new faces (Stratton, Willits, & Cloud are still around) can still put out well-liked games like the recent Doom. But it’s also another face that has been a lead creative for a long time there that’s announced their departure this week.