Rapping granny aficionados (and regular rap too)


I want to hear rap music. Post rap music here.

Here’s the last three songs I listened to:

Whatever you’re into, post!

Don't post any songs

It’s not my main genre, so like half of what I listen to is years old and mostly it’s just British female rappers my ex’s sister introduced me to. And also anything that involves a metal collab.


I have really enjoyed noname’s telefone record ever since it came out last year.

I generally Think the Chicago scene right now is incredibly underrated, even for how much exposure it’s been getting through someone like Chance. Chance is incredible and he deserves everything that’s coming to him but there are just so many awesome acts from chi-town That get kinda slept on just because of how synonymous Chance has become to the place. Vic Mensa, Noname and Mick Jenkins in particular are all fucking incredible mc’s with stuff to say and great artistiske vision.


chi’s kinda always had that problem of one dude stealing the spotlight for a while though. Chance, Yung Berg, Kanye, Common, shit, even R. Kelly sorta kinda exemplify this


Lady Leshurr is dope. Tech N9ne has always been a dude I respect but I’m not super into. I think I hate his voice because it reminds me of a nasally dork (hits to close to home). I will however always love his song ‘I’m a playa’; https://youtu.be/xhRySBv6fCo



K-Os is probably my favourite rapper


the hardest working man in music


https://youtu.be/CFFWF1DnZKM I’ve ruined the thread I myself started


The reminds me of an Aesop Rock freestyle I heard years ago where he just said something like ‘my names Aesop Rock, I don’t like cops. It’s that simple’ and passed the mic. Fantastic.



Love it! Never heard of Noname, so I’m glad you posted it!


Mel Gibson and the Pants are the only rap/rock group I will still sliten to (that’s not true! Ask me about my Mushroomhead collection!)


knx wraptaypes are a class b substance



This isn’t my favorite song in the world or my favorite rap song, but it will always be the song I think of when I hear the terms ‘rap’ or ‘hip-hop’. Great song though.


Vic Mensa is real good. Thanks for putting him on my radar. I’m old so I only know about stuff that came out a decade ago or sounds like it. Glad you got me to know about at least two more peeps


No problem, make sure you check out Mick Jenkins as well! His “The Waters” record from 2013 is incredible, such amazing lyrics from top to bottom.


Will do! Thanks


Looked him up and the first video that showed up was a video with him and BADBADNOTGOOD and realized that I’ve totally heard him before and he’s great :+1: