Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Another Travel Simulator

The new Lombax lady is named Rivet. There will be a full gameplay demo on Thursday at 5 p.m. Eastern/2 p.m. Pacific along with some indie game updates.


it looks soooooooooooooo good


I messed around a bit with R&C 2016 when the PS5 update rolled out, and man, Ratchet good y’all. Cannot wait to see what they do with this new one.


I’m literally wearing an Insomniac Games shirt as I type this lol

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you ever see a game so pretty you feel nauseous

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It looks cool. Rivet is Blaze the Cat.

That is a very 90’s soundtrack. I admit, I didn’t vibe with the original Ratchet and Clank, but this looks wild.

Did you check out the 2016 version? It might still be free on PSN.

I got it free on PSN. I should give it another go. It’s been a long time since the PS2 :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunately the worst non-spinoff in the series

That’s not the first time I’ve seen that take. I certainly don’t think it holds up to the likes of Going Commando or UYA but I still think it’s a good game.

It’s not bad but I’d rather play any other game except except the actual original and that’s just cause of the weird controls

Edit: as a first foray into the series though it’s not a bad choice. A lot of my issues with it are that it feels repetitive, like it’s not doing anything new.

Oh, my view of it was that (with the exception of the hoverboard races which I did not enjoy) it was the cleanest collection of Insomniac’s best R&C ideas all in one place (although I missed the Arena). I didn’t really expect it to wander into “new” territory because I thought it was going to be the starting point for more Ratchet and Clank. I was just happy to be playing more Ratchet and Clank.

One of the things I really appreciate about Insomniac’s approach to Ratchet and Clank is that they only come back to it occasionally. So by the time it comes around again, I’m always ready for another helping.

2016 was a stunning game to look at and this is the same way. Not thrilled that they’re bringing Nefarious back. We all love UYA at the time but Nefarious marks the series slide away from late-90s ‘No Logo’ esque anti-capitalist critique to funny yuck-yucks for the under-12s.

I like Nefarious as much as the next guy but it would be nice to see them give it a rest. That voice has to be murder on Armin Shimerman.

Make Qwark be the villain again! He’s the worst! Get Jim ward to break out his Russian accent for an evil Qwark doppelganger story or something.

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I love this plan but unfortunately Jim Ward’s been having some serious health issues. Hopefully he can pull through.

1978 actually, from DEVO’s debut album

I haven’t played an R&C game since UYA, but I am extremely biased towards DEVO

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So, it’s Jennifer Hale as Rivet and, on the one hand, sure, why have hamburger when you can have steak? But on the other, at this point Jennifer Hale will never not be too ubiquitous for me.

She has a Guinness World Record for being everywhere.

Imagine if live-action acting was like voice acting and every movie had the same twenty or so people in it.