Ready for ARMS?

I’m curious what the potential thirstiness of the Arms community will be. Not sure it can compete with the Overwatch community but I didn’t see that coming either.

I’m pumped. For volleyball

Looks to me as fun as Splatoon was. to be honest! I’m stoked. Having a non-motion-control option means it’ll also have longevity outside of a party atmosphere, although I like motion controls, too, so I’m sure I’ll do that from time to time.


Mechanica’s “Favourite Thing” is “other ARMS fighters (especially Ribbon Girl)” so I ship it.

I don’t think ARMS has the sex appeal in its character designs to out thirst Overwatch fans tho.



I would have agreed but this website staked its reputation on Bastion fucking! So I don’t even know what people are into anymore.

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I did a quick search on tumblr for ‘Spring Man’ (I guess that’s his name) and some people are clearly very ready for this game
but, only a few
I think it’ll be (relatively) calm, thirst wise
that’s my professional opinion


I respect your profession and your opinion. Thank you.

Lol good timing. Sick pigtail arms, tho!!

It is legitimately making me consider getting a Switch earlier than planned so I can have it for that testpunch…

I thought the game seemed a little gimmicky until I watched the most recent Nintendo direct which made me realize it seems way deeper than the original marketing suggested. I’m still looking for that rocket league-like “one more round” kinda simple but deep competitive game based around one mechanic. Hoping maybe this will be it!

I mean…you can find that kind of stuff for just about everything on Tumblr.

Friend of mine found that kind of stuff for Lemmings on Tumblr. It’s the thirstiest.

well this is why I said only a few.
it’s not overwatch or fire emblem, you know.

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The thing is, this mirrors the initial reaction to Splatoon so much that I legitimate think the game has potential. I’m mostly tempered by the fact that I have even less interest in fighting games generally.

Though I do like Smash Bros.

I haven’t had any real interest in this as at all but the more videos Nintendo UK keep putting up on Twitter, the more I am becoming intrigued.

I have a very limited games budget though so suspect I will wait and see if this is a one week wonder before thinking about buying it.

I definitely saw the Overwatch thirst coming a mile off, though it certainly exploded even more than I think most people expected it to. I’m sure ARMS will have its niche, but I don’t know that it’ll go quite so far… who can say, though; I guess Nintendo’s character designs have always been popular with the thirstier audience. And I’ve gotta say… that Twintelle design, damn. They ain’t playin’ around.

I hope ARMS turns out well - it’s a pretty neat concept, and what they’ve shown already seems way better than it initially sounded on first reveal. I was always excited for Splatoon from the first time they showed it, but I feel like that definitely exceeded most people’s expectations (mine included), so hopefully that means good things for ARMS’s prospects as well.

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This has more to do with the sorts of people I follow on Twitter (a lot of artists and cosplayers), but my timeline exploded when they unveiled Twintelle. I don’t know if I’ve seen a reaction like that since back when Game Freak first announced Wicke for Pokemon Sun/Moon.

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Twintelle sits at something of a crossroads between Bayonetta & Symmetra…and yeah, I am right in the middle of that Venn diagram.


Am I the only one who sees Twintelle as using a solid Nikki Minaj aesthetic?

Beating up dudes with your hair and drinking tea at the same time is extremely inspirational, just imo.


I’d be content if I was ever half as slick as Twintelle