Ready for the next Next-Gen Tech to arrive?


So the most recent consoles were announced about 5 years ago and launched before the end of that year. While we’ve had mid-cycle refreshes to keep thing relevant (to enable feeding 4K TVs and reduce the gap to the current expensive end of PC gaming) there have got to be some “next generation” mutterings starting up soon. Even without new consoles, we get new tech coming online that’s “next gen” every now and then (who isn’t working on their temporal resolve right now?) so are any of you looking forward to any of these?

  • Quasi Real-Time Puddle Volumes
  • The Reverse Sun Post-Process
  • Faster Ray Audio
  • 64-bit NPC Console Support
  • Editable Fish Bio-Feedback

All these and more are thanks to the Next-Gen Tech Name Generator.


I’m just looking for the next console that will let me play Tony Hawk Ride again is all


I hear the XBOX 1X++ will have Anisotropic Tree Audio, offering procedural real-time answers to how much sound a tree makes if no one’s around to hear it


I think the answer will always be “tree decibels” :stuck_out_tongue:


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