Really good article about indie games in China

I haven’t seen anyone talking about this fantastic article about indie games in China, so I thought I’d share it here:

A lot of times on the pod I’ve heard the crew not having a frame of reference for gaming in China, so I thought this would be worth a read to give one perspective on the issue from people who live or have lived there. The authors of the newsletter also aren’t all a part of the video games press so it’s nice to see these issues from another perspective.


Some neat looking stuff here, excited to take a look at some of it

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God damn, someone did it. They made the substack aimed directly at me. Thank you for pointing this article and this newsletter out to me. Chinese internet and meme culture/discourse is extremely wild and, yes, as they describe it, “cursed”. Definitely check out their articles on small Chinese town articles on Wikipedia and Advanced Lesbianism for a taste of what these writers are like.

I will not, of course, be subscribing to their substack because everything they do is actually mirrored at their main website,