Recently Completed Games


Ok then people, which games have you recently completed and what did you think of them?

I’ve recently finished:

Zelda BOTW - Wow, what a game. Loved almost every second of it. I’m not going to go into much detail otherwise I’ll just ramble but it’s one of the best games I have ever played.

Shante and the Pirates Curse: I’ve had this for quite a while on my 3DS but a few hour + train journeys helped me to finally get over the finish line. It’s a fun platform game with loads of character, a little bit of backtracking required once you find new powers but it isn’t too bad in that respect. I was stuck once or twice as it doesn’t always tell you where you need to go but overall i’d recommend it.


i recently complete nier: automata. i think everyone should drop what they’re doing and beat that game


I recently finished Little Nightmares, I enjoyed my time with the game. It’s only a few hours long and overlooking minor jank, the entire creepy aesthetic hit super well for me.

Also, Nier: Automata — play this game, dammit!



ME:Andromeda - I know a lot of people were down on it but I had a lot of fun with it, animation glitches and fetch quests aside

What Remains of Edith Finch - this game was much different than I expected it to be but it was very enjoyable. Cool setting and basis for the game. Some of the stories are pretty depressing! So beware

Working on flinthook and persona 5 and Lego worlds now


I think BOTW is my favourite game that has no real high points. It’s strange because I’ve had a really great time with it but I don’t think any one moment or area will really stick with me. It’s just the general atmosphere I guess.


Finished up the last episode of Hitman (2016). Fantastic game. There’s a sheen to the environmental polish that is so wonderful, even in the less exciting levels.


Recently finished Horizon. I didn’t really get the combat until the end, but MAN did I love the story, and once I actually understood the combat it was pretty excellent.


Nier: Automata. I need a few months to recover, so amazing though.

Also played Day of the Tentacle for the first time recently. Completely skipped that type of game growing up, really enjoyed it!


I finished Salt and Sanctuary on Vita. The performance issues I was told about were largely overblown. I only had the framerate hitch on me twice. Both times were when I got hit by three different enemies simultaneously. I did have a bunch of crashes in one location. Unfortunately it’s basically one of the central hub areas and the boss in that area was one of the few that gave me trouble, so I spent a lot of time there.


I just finished The Witcher 3 main quest (hence the profile). It is basically what I always wanted from an RPG from playing Final Fantasies/RPGs in my S/NES: an open world where I could do whatever the hell I wanted while still experiencing a deliberate story (as opposed to a Skyrim).

I loved the game and can’t wait to play the DLC after taking a small break.


Recently finished Nier: Automata, followed up by finishing Persona 5 inside of a week.
That was a fucked up, really good time.

I’m feeling incredibly burned out on story-based games at the moment, and I’ve just been bumming around with online multiplayer stuff.

That said, go play Nier: Automata if you haven’t, 'cuz it is freaking good.


Bought Rayman Legends for the PC and completed that recently (finished it on Vita a few years back), just love the charm and whimsy of that game.


Yeah, I finished BOTW last week and I’d totally agree, there’s no real super high peaks and it definitely had some troughs, but it was a constant low-level delight in the way it kept surprising me, even if it was just another beautiful sunset or way the sun shone off the grass, or a charming character, or a stupid physics interaction, etc.


My most recently cleared game is Mass Effect: Andromeda. It caught a lot of flack, but I dropped like 80hrs into it, and really had a pretty good time. There were definitely some things that I would skip on additional playthroughs and a few glitches, but a good time for me.

After that I was going to pick up Nier, but I figured I’d chill because I want to dig into Prey this week. I think I’ll double back to Nier after that.


I would say that when you climb the snowy mountain and first encounter one of the dragons perched on top was probably the stand out moment for me.

Is it right that some of the people behind Xenoblade Chronicles worked on it? If so you really can tell in the grandeur and framing of the environments.


Finished Layers of Fear last night an by God it had some freaky moments and didnt half have me on edge at times, I loved that it built tension and didnt really rely too much on jump scares


i’m trying to beat persona 5 but it’s… just… so… long…


BOTW spoilers.

Is that the corrupted one? I saw that, assumed it was a bossfight and thought that as the icy lizalfos were one-shotting me I should run away. I returned 20 hours later and realized I just had to glide and shoot. That was pretty magical, until I spotted the other 3.


Just finished What Remains of Edith Finch. Listen to too many podcasts. Skipping is difficult. Less FOMO and more fear of being spoiled. Not like “Oh, you told me a crucial part of the story that I wouldn’t have seen coming” and more so that when you hear something be talked about enough vaguely it makes it difficult to have those experiences yourself. Or myself I guess. When you hear a game does “open world in INTERESTING” ways or even that things develop differently than you expect it feels less interesting when I see it for myself.

But that’s a good game. If you like those types of games it is a good one of them. I’m telling you what you’ve already been told.


yeah that’s the one. Think it’s the subtle way the music changes that really helps there.