Recommend A Game


I’m not sure if this also falls into the ‘Should I Buy This Game?’ thread, but my intent is to basically have a thread where the fine folk of Waypoint dot zone can ask for recommendations for a specific style of game or genre and (hopefully) get them.

Speaking of which, I’ve been interested in exploring 2D RTS games (Or just 2D isometric games in general) during the late nineties / early 2000s, so I wonder if anyone has recommendations for these kinds of games? (Beyond Age of Empires II, which I have play a lot)


Might I suggest Rise of Nations, a fucking rad as hell RTS from the early 00’s that NOBODY seems to remember?


I don’t know if I am qualified to make this recommendation because I have not played the game since I was a kid but I feel like Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries (the latter half is the expansion I think, but just googling “seven kingdoms” brings up a lot of game of thrones stuff) might be worth a shot. it’s this kind of interesting midway point between AoE and something like Civ - I.e. it’s an rts where trade routes, espionage and diplomacy are all very important parts of the game, moreso than micro and things of that nature.


For anyone like me that’s intrigued by games like Stellaris but finds huge 4X games incredibly intimidating as a beginner to the genre, I definitely recommend The Battle of Polytopia on iOS. Polytopia is very basic - pretty much the ELI5 of strategy games - but I’m finding it a brilliantly fun and gentle introduction to turn based strategy.


Wow, okay when I was making this thread I kept thinking about that one game that looked like Age of Empires II but had modern buildings but couldn’t remember the name. I’ll definitely check that out on Steam later, I’m fascinated about how it has held up.


At the time, it felt ridiculously ahead of its time so I’m curious too.


Heat Signature is a top-down 2D tactical procgen immersive sim thing by the dude that made Gunpoint, it’s extremely good and I’d suggest it even to people that bounce off that genre. I need to prevent myself from making a massive writeup about how goddamn smart its systems design is, but essentially it really focuses on the improvisational stuff people like about imsims while cutting a boatload of fat (the absence of a 6x speedup button in every other stealth game is kinda painful now) and wrapping it in an… acceptable package of fighting some space military powers-that-be. It’s one of those games where I discovered massively useful tactics dozens of hours into my playtime, and because it’s segmented into very bitesized chunks of gameplay, it’s real easy to pick-up-and-play whenever. Austin did a stream of it a while back, but I haven’t heard it discussed much since.

It also helped remedy how disappointed i was with Streets of Rogue’s attempt at a roguelike immersive sim, because uh maybe don’t make being a slaver a silly fun role to play in your game thanks steam game developers.


OK, I deleted my post because the thread turned out to have a different purpose than what I thought, but since people are giving general recommendations, I’m reinstating it:

Linelight! Linelight! Play Linelight! Why won’t people play it? It’s an absolute masterpiece. It should be one of those games everyone talks about. Why isn’t it? Play it, people - play it!


Have you checked out Tokyo 42 at all? Your writeup of Heat Sig made me think it might appeal


Command and Conquer is a fun RTS game that has a cheesy but great soundtrack and FMV. Otherwise, Diablo and Diablo 2 are both cool 2D isometric games. Diablo is especially interesting because the mood of that game is darker and more Gothic than either Diablo 2 or Diablo 3. It is also probably fairly archaic in terms of movement speed and inventory management.


my favourite childhood RTS was Majesty, which is really weird in that all your units have separate AI and are actually not controllable beyond upgrading them and maybe rally points here or there. i havent played it since i was 12 or 13 so i’ve no idea if playing it as an adult is interesting or infuriating. but i cant think of any RTS ive seen since that acted like it


I got into Majesty 2 a few years back and had a lot of fun with it. It definitely has its moments of frustration when the units refuse to go where you want, but those were fairly rare.

I’ve been meaning to check out the first one, but it didn’t play well with modern Windows last I checked.


Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge is my favorite RTS ever. The main reason it’s so good is that we’re introduced to Yuri’s faction which features slave miners, UFOs, and lethal germ snipers. It’s really fun to just dick around with these fucked up evil things, and I think they strike the right tone with the story being irreverent and slapstick. RA2 feels like a game that was fun to make. The music and overall aesthetic really hold up too. If you’re interested in 2D RTS games I think Red Alert 2 in general is a great starting point.


I’ve played it for a few hours since you recommended it here. I actually like it for drastically different reasons; T42’s systems are actually a bit weak and inconsistent but its aesthetic and world are pretty down my alley, though there’s a bit early on where a dude that looks a little too much like Milo Yiannopolus says “pop go the loitering weasels” after I sniped a black dude on a basketball court, which was not exactly comfortable, even if death in this universe doesn’t mean much. At least there’s a cool black lady you work closely with later on, but that was still a whack moment.

Regardless, T42 & Heat Signature differ the way Dishonored: DotO & Hitman respectively differ for me. The former doesn’t really hook me through sheer mechanics but puts me in an engaging world with decent narrative motivation I wanna put a chunk of linear hours into, the latter I put far more repetitive hours into for its mechanical loop without much (if any) care for its world or characters. I mean, Heat Sig is less problematic and more charming than Hitman with what little writing it does have, but I digress.

christ I like this awkwardly named genre a bit too much, huh. meanwhile i have no recommends for RTS’ like everyone else does unless you count Star Fox 2 as that genre.


I guess the thread’s intent is to wait for people to ask for recommendations? But I’m just gonna throw out some un-invited ones, anyway:

Teleglitch, Tokyo Jungle, and Ziggurat are three of the most underrated Rogue-likes ever!

EDIT: “Most underrated” is a weird claim…let’s just say that they are very good games that satisfy everything I look for in Rogue-likes, and I rarely see them discussed!


Bringing this thread back because it’s what I was looking for and starting a new thread seems unnecessary for this one question.

Thanks to pre-Black Friday sales, I just recently bought a ps4. I mainly got it to play two ps4 exclusives I’ve wanted to play for a while, Gravity Rush 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. After I feel done with the console, I’m going to resell it on ebay (hopefully well before ps4 prices drop too much more).

My question is: are then any other games, that aren’t available on PC, that anyone would heavily recommend I check out on the ps4 before I resell it? I’ve been playing games just on PC for a while now, so I’m not looking for recommendations just on ps4 exclusives. Anything that was released on ps4 and other consoles but not PC would be new to me. I just want to make sure I’m aware of as many good ps4 games as possible so I can sell the ps4 feeling certain I’ve experienced everything I’ve wanted to on the console, essentially.


Bloodborne is amazing if you’re into Souls games and various types of horror. I’m not especially great with either one and I still had a really memorable time with what I played. It also has the advantage of being several years old and considerably cheaper than even most of the games that are on sale right now, which is always nice.


Agreed on Bloodborne, yeah.