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Outer Wilds is the one with the timeloop and the space-ships, right? TBH, it seemed intriguing until every review mentioned the timeloop (on an actual running timer), and I decided that I’d probably never manage to do the exploring each loop before resets.

That’s totally fair, though I do think it is designed in a way that the time loop doesn’t feel like an inhibitor to exploration. I honestly don’t remember rushing very often. You’re just as often waiting for a point in the timeline to open up a puzzle solution, and it’s an entirely knowledge-based game, so it’s not like you have to hit certain points or flip switches or anything like that to progress. Aside from a certain planet with a terrifying environment, it’s one of the more relaxing games I’ve played.

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Yes, the movement techniques are much more forgiving than they look. Competitive MP players and speedrunners do some wild stuff, but you can beat the game just knowing basic slides and wallruns, both of which are part of the tutorial.

Part of the reason the game feels so great is that the wallrun is very forgiving. You have a wide variety of angles and speeds you can hit the wall at and still initiate a wallrun. Wallrunning is also faster than running on the ground but doesn’t hurt your weapon accuracy, so even if you do it by accident you’re never hurting yourself.


Hi! As I wrote elsewhere, I’ve returned to gaming last year after a longer break, and I’m now getting my friends hooked as well… and here I come asking foradvice.

Right now I’m looking for a game, where the 3 (sometimes possibly 4?) of us could play together online. I think FPSes would be easiest to get everyone on board, but I’m open to practically any genre. I’ve played around 100h of Hunt: Showdown with one friend and this would be a perfect choice except for one detail: the third person doesn’t have any sort of gaming rig, they just have a laptop with an integrated graphics card (a decent one, but still). They managed to run the new Unreal Tournament with no problems, but the chaos of that game didn’t quite vibe with me.

I was thinking of one of our childhood classics like Worms Armagedon or Heroes of Might and Magic 3, but apparently getting these things to play online today is a bit of a pain…
So in short: need a fun game for 3, with easy onboarding that will run on 2 potatoes and a carrot wired together. How’s that for a challenge?

Im not sure I’m a good one to answer this, because I never play multiplayer. That’s said, I think It’s possible you guys could find a lot of fun in some early 2000s multiplayer rpgs, like Diablo 2 or Neverwinter Nights. Those games have integrated multiplayer, and they should run just fine on any vegetable you load them on.

You might want to look into MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online or Final Fantasy 14? Those are usually designed to run on surprisingly low end PCs and there is usually a lot of content for groups of about 4 people.

Otherwise, try looking into co-op shooters like Deep Rock Galactic or Left 4 Dead. There are a surprising number of these, they tend to be cheap, and many of them are older, so they don’t have particularly high requirements.

See if your group vibes with Warframe. It scales down very well, almost all the content can be played with 4 players, and it’s free-to-play.

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My friend group have been enjoying Humans Fall Flat. Not too graphically demanding, it’s like Gang Beasts if it was a puzzle platformer. Not as stressful as Hunt: Showdown

Elsewhere the co-op games we really enjoy are Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Monster Hunter World but the latter probably requires a half decent rig.

Thanks for the replies! I’m proposing my group to play some Warframe right now, but having a history of putting thousands of hours into Lineage 2 as a kid, I’m also quite tempted to jump into some MMOs as well…

So, I haven’t played an immersive sim in a long time, and hearing the Waypoint fellas talk so highly of Arcane sims, I thought I might give them a shot. Here’s the issue… I am not good at stealth games. I don’t dislike them. I’m just not good at them. They require a level of patience that I can usually only manage with strategy games and city builders. So, here’s my question. I’d like to start with Dishonored, since the crew seems to love this series so much, but I hear the game’s focused on stealth. Is the stealth in Dishonored so prevalent that I should skip it and play something else? What about Prey? Is there a bunch of stealth in that also?

I can’t speak to Dishonored but aside from one annoying boss-style monster, Prey isn’t mandatorily stealth-focused at all. And the stealth options it does give you are quite creative — they might be more engaging than a typical stealth game for you.

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Maybe it’s my skill level, but I found Prey to very much about patience, IMO. It is a game about planning your approach to things in a big way, and a lot of the traversal is quite deliberate. I still think it is very much a game worth being patient for, but YMMV.

Both Dishonoreds can be played as a straightforward pistol and sword action game, with maybe a bit of stealth to pick your approach, but the thing that turns a number of people off is how dark the ending is if you do so. It’s considered “punitive” by a lot of fans that they can’t get the good endings playing that way. I think the grim endings are their own reward, they fit the fundamental horror trappings of the setting rather well.


The Dishonoreds are definitely stealth games. As mentioned before you can play it straightforward and actiony, but I feel like the majority of powers are focused on a stealth approach. I think the question for those games isn’t if you want to do stealth or not. I think it is more of lethal vs non-lethal. Prey leaves a little more open to go straightforward as that’s what I did after a certain point after being stealthy in my playthrough. You might want to check out the recent Deus Ex games. I remember them having a bunch of “loud” option if you don’t want to do stealth.

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I will say, as someone who finds Stealth “hard”, that I actually managed to complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution (even mostly trying to be stealthy!)… and failed to complete Dishonored (trying to be stealthy) because it got too difficult to play the way I wanted to in one of the later levels.
So, a vote for DX:HR here.


Deus Ex was designed for the Metal Gear Solid generation. I basically just watched the mini-map the entire time and ghosted through that entire game. Relying on environmental observation in Arkane games makes the stealth impossible to me.


I also want to suggest Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I played that entire game being mostly stealthy, but taking out almost every enemy with a silenced pistol, which felt great. That seems like it fits your ask of an immersive sim that doesn’t require “real” stealth.