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Seconding The Long Dark if you want more Subnautica style exploration. The hand-crafted environments really are its strong suit over procedural generated stuff. The story is only 3 episodes out of 5 done though, so if you want a strong narrative you’ll be waiting a bit for the final episodes to drop.
I’d also argue the STALKER series is worth checking out if you haven’t. That does have a lot of combat and leans more towards horror, but it has a narrative arc and was way ahead of the curve when it comes to open world survival/exploration.

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STALKER is an excellent pull!!! GODDAMN that game is good!!!

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Hmm thanks for the recs! I tend to not like starting episodic games in the middle of their release but The Long Dark does really sound tempting. I’ll think about that one.

Stalker’s a great rec too—one of those things I’ve always meant to try at some point. Maybe this’ll finally be the time!

That Walking Dead VR game (Saints & Sinners) is actually good, it’s an immersive sim type deal where if you kill a guard you gotta remember that they’ll get back up and try to gnaw on you soon! Or gnaw on any other guard that gets close…

I am looking for a management/sim game because I don’t have any twitch reflexes anymore.

My big hope was always to find some type of party or squad-based game that I only had to do top-down management for. Like “You guys go explore the dungeon” but without having to actually micromanage the battles. Or “You guys go infiltrate this base. Take the night vision goggles and the sniper with you.” Kind of like Football (soccer) Manager but with guns or swords.

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Gangsters: Organised Crime is available on GOG and is kind of like this. You hire goons and set them up into squads, then give them activities for the upcoming week. The week plays out in real time and you can technically micromanage your units, but in practise it’s best to just leave them be. There was a sequel but it looks like it’s not widely available. I’ve never played it so I don’t know if it’s better or not.

Occasionally I’ve looked for more recent games trying to do what this game did, but I haven’t ever found anything. Usually games that focus on management and auto-resolve battles wind up becoming more 4X style and don’t keep the focus on small squads.

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I just finished my first play through of Bury Me, My Love. It’s a game where you text with your wife as she flees wartorn Syria for Europe. I didn’t realize this while I was playing, but you can influence her choices with how you respond to things and it changes the ending and path she takes! It’s really cool and you can also play it in real time if you play it on Android, where the game texts you when she wants to text you.

I played it over the course of two hours last night on the couch with the real time option off, so its not long. I’m interested in playing it again with the real time option on because I feel like it would feel very different. It really helped me understand what refugees go through when fleeing their country. Very good game.

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Based on this I would recommend Neo Cab and Eliza, which are on Switch already and Coffee Talk which comes out tomorrow

Thank you, I will check that out!

yorg3 io - mini browser RTS. its cute game but all the players are quite bad so the multiplayer is boring atm. if there were more pros and players then id play it more

I have loved the discussion between Patrick and Austin in the latest podcast about Kentucky Route Zero, similarly really liked Austin’s review, and have been enjoying seeing other folks online talk about the game and its evolution/development over the past couple of years. Having said that, my excitement and enjoyment of reading/hearing other people’s impressions, analysis, reviews, and reactions made me realize I had a similar sort of relationship towards A Night in the Woods. That is, I really loved all of the discourse surrounding Woods but when I actually sat down to play it I found myself really bored and unimpressed. Part of this may have been due to the “visual novel” aspect of the game—I am not entirely sure if that is the appropriate term—but, I think a bigger part was, after hearing/reading so much discourse I don’t know how the actual game was ever going to meet expectations. (Also, I am sorry but I found the writing in Woods to be really unimpressive.)

So, I guess my question and I do not know how apt it is, if I struggled with a recent “great” narrative focused indie game, would you recommend KRZ? Are they completely different and I am mistaken in this analogy? Should I watch a Let’s Play or something?


So, I actually might wanna recommend checking out one of the interludes. Specifically, I think it would be worthwhile to play Limits and Demonstrations. All the interludes are free, and Limits and Demonstrations is mechanically the most like the main game. The interludes aren’t set within the narrative of the main acts, so it’s not like you’ll be jumping in the middle of the story. If it doesn’t click with you for the same reason, then maybe it’s not for you!


This is a perfect recommendation, thank you.

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So, you know that feeling you get when you open your refrigerator/freezer and see a bunch of perfectly good food in there that you bought, but now you feel like ordering a pizza or something instead? What game do you recommend when you get that feeling with games?


Assuming pizza = guilty pleasure that is good but not good for you, I like some type of grindy game that I can pick up and play without having to remember where I was or what I was doing. Add some good combat mechanics and some persistent progression to give me a sense of satisfaction, and I get my fix for the day. In no particular order I can remember these:

Diablo 3
Borderlands 2
Assassin’s Creed - various
a lot of tower defense games

honorable mention goes to one of the Resident Evil mercenary modes (5?) that I played so much that my hands twitch whenever I hear songs on my iPhone’s gaming playlist

I was thinking more along the lines of “what do you play when you don’t know what to play,” but you did remind me that I still haven’t finished Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and I should get back to that.

Honestly, I have Super Hexagon and open source engines for Doom, Quake* and UFO (the 1990s XCOM) perm-installed for this kind of problem, depending on the kind of game I am desiring.

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I keep Cryptark and Duskers installed on my machine for just these times. Cryptark is criminally underrated and just has superb action (seriously, there is nothing like looking at a chip layout, knowing exactly the route you want to take, then executing it smoothly). Meanwhile Duskers has this bite sized aspect to it where you can go for just one more ship.
Perviously I’ve also had Teleglitch, so I guess there’s a theme there in the kind of games I reach for.

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I’m looking for a fun mobile game to play. I have Android so no Apple Arcade or whatever for me. I really enjoy puzzle/match 3 games, but just haven’t found a good one. I also enjoy idle games too. Thanks for any recommendations!

Have you seen Twinfold? It’s one of those single-screen puzzle-roguelikes, and strongly inspired by Threes.

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