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Thanks for the recs! I’ve been making my way through the dark brotherhood quests this weekend, and they’re really great! I’ll check out the Bruma and Mage’s guild stuff soon. Thanks!!!

Hi all,

Looking for a match 3 or similar puzzle game on Android for my partner. She used to play Zombie Farm, and recently got into Dragon Merge, but both had a lot of microtransaction nastiness in them and she wound up uninstalling over that.
Are there any that aren’t horrible about that sort of stuff? I don’t really play mobile games at all but I know she doesn’t want anything too deep or complex. It’s just something to do while watching Netflix and stuff, you know?

Is there a Switch game like Divinity Original Sin II but… smaller? I want to play a customizable fantasy epic game so bad but not one that takes +100 hours. Is that a thing at this point?

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You could check out Pillars of Eternity. How long to beat estimates its length at 35 to 60 hours compared to Divinity’s 52 to 93 hours, so it’s still pretty long. It’s the same kind of game though.

I really enjoyed it when it first came out on PC and apparently the port is quite good. The combat is real-time with pause but reviews seem to indicate they’ve made it work well with controllers.

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Thanks! I had forgotten this game was getting a port. I’ll check out some reviews and footage.

35-60 hours I guess is still long but that feels much more like a videogame length to me.

I definitely spent way more time in PoE than that, but I’m also very much a completionist. Also, PoE doesn’t have quite the same kind of systems-focused combat or half-serious tone as D:OS, but it is a really excellent game. Great world and story.

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I forgot to count the DLC which adds another 15 to 20 hours.

They’re included in the Switch port but they take place after the main story if I recall correctly so you could always decide whether or not to play them after you beat the main game.

I seem to remember that the DLC is integrated into the main story. I got super sidetracked by it (because in a number of ways it is more interesting than the original game).

Oh I just checked and you’re right, my bad!

Just picked up Horizon’s Gate off of Austin’s recommendation on the podcast. Haven’t gotten very far in it but really feels like something special. In the 3rd fight in the tutorial section you are fighting a group of pirates on top of a cliff. One of their warriors flanked around my ships navigator (who is a cool cat person with a dope eye patch). I moved my main character over to them and used his ability that pushes an enemy over by one space to get them away. I didn’t realize though that the pirate was on the edge of the cliff. The shove knocked them off the side where they fell to their death with a fairly shocking crunch noise. I was stunned. That the game allowed you do to this and that it felt alarmingly violent for a game that has pixel graphics.

I honestlty prefer games that do that. Usually games set after the main quest have trouble motivating why the heroes that saved the world are still doing stuff.

@Seerinox and @mundanesoul thanks for the recommendation. Odd question: are the game’s coloring and details as “muted” as YouTube makes it appear? I don’t know how best to articulate it but I enjoyed a lot of what was being displayed but not the actual presentation? Maybe that’s just the aesthetic and a sign it is not for me.

Yeah they are. And there’s a significant amount of time spend in dungeons which exacerbates the problem in my opinion.

Also despite seeing review blurbs calling it a good port I’ve just come across a lot of complaints saying the Switch port launched with a lot of bugs. This reddit thread is the most recent information I could find about it and it seems like most bugs have been fixed.

I’ll do a quick search through my games to see if there are any more games I can remember that hit this mark, but I just wanted to say it might be worth giving Divinity Original Sin II a shot if it looks like everything you want.

I can only speak for myself, I put about 60 or so hours in the game and I probably won’t be getting back to it any time soon, but I still had a delightful time playing it.

I hate giving a non answer, but figured it could be worth mentioning if only because I can’t really think of a game other than it that gave me the D&D experience I’ve always been looking for in CRPG’s like this

EDIT: Other smaller scale games to look into that might recreate parts of the experience:

  • Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark
  • Operencia: The Stolen Sun
  • Ashen?
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar

That’s what I wanted to say too. You could easily get everything you want out of this game if you just stop after getting off Fort Joy. No need to necessarily commit yourself to the whole thing.

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Thanks. I will check out some of these smaller games and reconsidered Divinity.

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So I’ve had Metal Gear Acid in my head since starting Invisible Inc and now I need to ask: are there any other games out there like Metal Gear Acid? Not looking for a deckbuilding roguelike. Something with a preconstructed deck and pack opening.