Recommend A Game

Thanks for the suggestions.

Another suggestion to ad to Navsters list might be Dragon Age Builders 2. While it does have a story, ive found that most of my time with it is taken up with my own building projects, making a cathedral, an inn, a pub, some houses and setting up my farms.

I appreciate the suggestion. I think part of my mental hangup is that I don’t care much for building/farming… I like exploring and gathering things but the sort of thinking and planning that farming sims or building something creative in a Minecraft-like game has never really appealed or clicked with me. I think I am almost looking for a walking simulator but with more verbs than walk or to really walk into the wilderness and not know how to find myself.

Its a shame Subnautica isnt on the Switch yet, else id have suggested that. Or something like No Man Sky or Age of Conan, which can both be played as sort of exploration games.


You might want to try an older game called Yonder: the Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Has exploring, collecting and crafting, but no combat.

It isn’t on Switch (only came out for Vita and PS3), but if you can play it I would highly recommend Proteus. Or at least check out gameplay videos. Seems like the game you’re describing!

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Just noticed My Time at Portia is on Switch, that might be an option. Its more a game in the 3d stardew valley vain with alot of puttering about. It doesnt quite live up to the open ended exploration though. Maybe something like Abzu or A Short Hike?

It seems as though my back might be in a screamy mood for the next few days or so, so I’m open to any Switch recommendations folks have in between my Hades runs while I’m hanging out horizontally

Screamy like spooky? Oxenfree is a fun indie that’s pretty short and spooky on Switch.

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“Screamy” as in “It’s unlikely I’ll be able to sit down without being in an extraordinary amount of pain for a few days” so I need some games I can play while laying down. Oxenfree might be a good choice though.

Into the Breach is on Switch if you haven’t played it yet.

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Ah, thank you, didn’t read carefully enough about your back. Oxenfree isn’t very long so it might not be able to get you through a few days if you’re playing nothing else.