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Have you played Promesa? It’s a short game made up of vignettes based on stories the developer’s grandfather told him. It can get abstract, but not in a way that makes it hard to understand. It’s a really great meditation on memory and what we pass on to those that come after us. What makes it great, beside the excellent presentation elements, is that the themes come through not only in the narrative elements, but in how the game is structured.

It’s cheap on Itch/Steam and only takes around 45 minutes to play. Try it out if it sounds interesting!

Promesa by Julian Palacios (


this is a major genre full of games I want to play but never get around to (yes, even the free and short ones listed below). So, I can’t personally vouch for these, really, but here’s some titles I’m aware of: Nanopesos, I Get This Call Every Day, Deficit, and Lost Memories Dot Net (actually, most games by Nina Freeman are in this space).

also, in my search for a “wake me up” game, I’ve tried Xeno Crisis because it’s on Game Pass. Didn’t make the strongest impression (maybe because I lack the nostalgia) but it’s mostly working!


Was wondering if I could get some iOS reccomendations, having just upgraded to a current gen ipad.
My favorite genres are roguelikes, exploration, visual novels, 2d exploration/combat, resource sims (like harvest moon, graveyard keeper) and general weirdness.
Have played FTL, Darkest Dungeon, Heaven Will be Mine, Mini Metro, Grindstone(on my switch)
Apple arcade games also welcome, appears I have a free sub for a few months.

NeoCab is on Apple Arcade and it rules. Card of Darkness is also a pretty neat game if a dreamy deckbuilding RPG would be your jam. Cozy Grove, Necrobarista, Overland, What the Golf, and Mini Motorways are all ones that caught my eye scrolling back through AA games.

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Fidel Dungeon Rescue is a fun puzzle-y roguelike. It throws you in pretty quickly so there’s a bit of experimenting to see how stuff works. But even when you know all the rules, the puzzles are still interesting to navigate through.

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Michael Brough has made some well-regarded iOS-only games such as Imbroglio and Helix. A lot of his cross-platform work is on iOS too.


I’m pretty sure a current version of Dungeon of the Endless is available on iOS. Based on your list of likes and genres, I think it might be centrally right in your alley.

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Its a roguelike snake clone with the classes and team building of autochess/team fight tactics. Its super fun to play dragging the snake around with your finger

its available on pc and anroid also


Thanks for the recommends everyone! I’m going to start with the Apple Arcade titles.

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I’ve been thinking about We Know The Devil since it came out which has been quite awhile. I just can’t seem to find anything else that has a similar feel to it (besides Heaven Will Be Mine). I’d really like to find more games that work similarly, regardless of the genre. The game is one of the few pieces of media for me that really affected my worldview

potential things to look for:
-supernatural? transhumanism (theres probably a better word for that)
-potentially weird fiction adjacent stuff
-potentially witchy/occult stuff
-potentially a sort of poetical/mythological feel to it
-antiauthoritarianism where even a god would be rejected if they were to be bad
-themes that are queer, feminist, antiracism and other social justice leftist values (especially queer tho cause thats what i mostly relate to)
-themes that involve characters breaking away from authorities and forming new communities

Idk if that helps much but i figured i’d try to mention the kind of stuff that i feel is whats special about the game

I’ve actually been playing through Heaven Will Be Mine right now (one route done). The closest thing that comes to mind is Kentucky Route Zero. Hits all the things except substitute the queer/feminism/social values with a critique/reflection of capitalism.

Maybe Anodyne 2 a little bit as well, but without the occult vibes.

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I guess i’ll have to make a bigger attempt at Kentucky Route Zero. It didn’t quite grab me the first time in the beginning but i’ll definitely try harder knowing that it has some similarities with we know the devil

I wouldn’t have expected anodyne 2 though apparently i got it confused with a different game because it looks nothing like what i was expecting? guess i’ll look into that one too

It does take quite a bit to get the momentum going in KRZ. It has almost an almost hypnotic effect at times with its ambience. Its quite a different energy from most games I’ve played that aren’t visual novels. I like to compare the vibe to the movie Valhalla Rising. There are times where I almost went to sleep, but in a good way. It feels like a trance.

Anodyne 2 is less likely what you’re looking for, but it does actually hit a lot of your bullet points more so than most other games I can think of. I originally wanted to check out this game when Danielle Riendeau (formerly of waypoint) would not stop gushing about this game at the time of release. It also relies on both ps1 low poly and gameboy aesthetics to which I’m a sucker for.

Have you played Oxenfree? It’s been a while since I’ve played it but iirc it checks most of those boxes, if you don’t mind something that drifts pretty close to supernatural horror.