Recommend Me Slow Cooker/Crockpot Recipes!


Hey, all. I received a slow cooker for Christmas 2017 & while I think I’ve gotten a decent amount of use out of it, I must admit that I am a little conventional and I’ve gotten somewhat stuck in my ways with it.

Variety is the spice of life, though. I have some guests staying with me for 2-3 weeks and we’re likely to be quite busy throughout the day, so some good slow cooker recipes will likely suit me very well so I can juggle food preparation alongside being a good host in non-culinary aspects. I have some time to test some recipes between now and then, so – Waypoint forums, what can you hook me up with?

I have no dietary specifications, although avoiding nuts is a huge plus (since I have a strong allergy to these). Kiwi might also be good to avoid.


You probably have done slow cooker chili, but have you done a chili-cornbread casserole? Because this shit is fire:

EDIT: I don’t necessarily endorse this particular recipe (although it seems fine), just the general concept and technique. Make the chili however you like and you’ll be fine. I’m a quinoa chili guy myself. Also, I prefer making cornbread batter from scratch as the ready made stuff ends up too cakey and sweet for my liking. Whole kernels in the batter FTW!


I have done this pork carnitas recipe three times now, and it’s always amazing for a good taco night. Making sure to crisp up the pork in a pan after it slow cooks is what really makes the difference.


Assuming you’re already working through the various cheap cuts that slow cooking turns into delicious bases for various recipes, I think the key to variety is probably expanding horizons for the sorts of stews and dishes you’re making (lots of veg and sauce combinations out there to try and as long as they don’t spoil with a long low cook then they’re ideal).

Honey mustard or teriyaki chicken (eg this looks about right) are pretty great if you’ve been tending to stick to red meats and larger sauces/complete stews in the pot.

I like the classics so oxtail is something lots of people don’t seem to eat nowadays but is ideal. This should be easy to convert to a slow cooker (double the time, maybe a bit longer, but it’s a pretty standard cheap beef cut stew).

If you’ve only cooked savoury stuff so far then I’d start playing with slow cook deserts. Even if that’s just taking store-brought stuff that’s meant for the oven and giving it the slow cook treatment.


A simple pork loin stew is one of the best-tasting things I know how to make, and it’s super simple.

Get: a pork loin (proportionate in size to how many people you want to serve - 1-2 lbs should be 6-10 medium-sized bowls of stew), potatoes, apples, radishes, carrots, onions (Spanish or sweet), and some fresh (or dried) basil. Also get some kind of stock (out of a package is fine) - beef or chicken is best for this, in my experience. Optional: 1 glass of red wine.

Roll the pork loin in some oil (~1.5-2 tbsp), making sure it’s reasonably well covered. Season with a small amount of sea salt and a reasonable amount of black pepper, then rub down with some cumin. If using dried basil, add to the cumin rub (if fresh, see later). Cut the pork loin into 1-1.5 inch long sections.

Fill crockpot about halfway up with water, turn on to heat up for about 10 minutes, then add the stock, pork loin sections, and (if desired) the glass of wine.

Once that’s going, chop up the potatoes into about 1-inch cubes and throw those in with the pork.

Leave the crockpot on low for 6-8 hours.

Come back, cube the apples, and dice up the radishes, carrots, onions, and (fresh) basil. Add all of this to the stew mix, turn the crockpot to high, come back in 90-120 minutes.

Serve when the late-added veggies and apple bits are softened.

Optional side: baguette or biscuits.


This is the beef my grandma used to make and my mom still makes and it’s my favorite thing. The meat might be pricey, but we can always feed 3 people and have a bit left over in the morning.

  1. Buy a chuck roast and place it in the crock pot.
  2. In a pot on the stove, heat up 2 cups of beef broth with some added seasonings. We usually just add herbs: oregano, thyme, rosemary, that sort of thing. Just whatever we have on hand. Also pepper.
  3. Once it’s boiling pour the broth over the beef
  4. Set the crock pot on low and leave it be. My mom would usually make this in the morning so that it’d be ready that night for dinner. I’d estimate 10 hours to cook, maybe plus or minus an hour?
  5. Take the roast out of the pot, place it on a plate, and it should shred pretty easily and be ready to serve.
  6. For sides we will usually do mashed or baked potatoes. You can use the left over broth and grease to make a good brown gravy by adding some flour, though I forget how exactly. A steamed veggie like green beans or asparagus or broccoli is also perfection.

Texting my mom to see if I forgot any details, but that should be right!

Mom edit:
“I’m a bit more precise on what seasoning as that’s what makes it good, I think. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder,and Italian seasoning blend. And be generous with your seasoning.”


OP, I hope you don’t mind if I tag onto this topic: If anyone has a good slow cooker/pressure cooker recipe for chicken soup (I’m thinking one that uses a whole chicken) please pass it along!


Whole chicken in a slow cooker? Don’t mind if I do!


I didn’t know slow cooking existed until about 5 years ago when I read this book and borrowed a crock pot from a friend.

Then I became sort of obsessed.
Here’s a few pics of recipes i’ve tried and liked.

Other recipes I come back to are slow cooked oatmeal, sweet/spicy slow cooked pork, chicken and dumpling soup.


Something you might want to try out is a sausage, sauerkraut, and potato recipe. My father does it from time to time and it is very tasty. You get sauerkraut (the Bavarian kind if you can), get different types of sausage (polka kielbasa, bratwurst, etc.), and canned baby potatoes. You can put in more vegetables too, like carrots or onions. You brown the sausages, then you put in the sauerkraut and potatoes and any other vegetables you want in the slow cooker pot along with the sausage. You set the slow cooker for four hours and then you are done! Here are a couple of links for this recipe: and


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