Recommend Me Some Books!

Every now and again I get bummed that I don’t read so much these days, but I’ve extremely fond memories of Michael Grant’s GONE series of books. It’s a simple as hell setup: In a small US town, everyone over the age of 15 disapears instantly, and the whole place is encapsulated in a gigantic dome, and some of the kids left inside start showing superpowers. It really excells in where it takes that setup, and the absolutely fantastic characters. I haven’t read these books in ages and I can still tell you basically the entire plot of all 4 of the books I’ve read, and everything about the characters. The plot is equal parts Shonen Anime as Shit and Game of Thrones Without The Bollocks. One of the main characters is a native american girl with Crazy Diamond powers who fights off talking Coyotes. It’s good as hell.

I’m also a big fan of Darren Shan’s first 2 big series, his self-titled vampire saga and Demonata, both of which are by far the best interpritations of both vampire and demon mythologies I’ve ever encountered. Also Koyasan and The Thin Executioner are both ace solo stories, though I confess that I can only remember the ending of Executioner, which was mental and left field, but also entirely My Jam.

If you like hard sci-fi try out The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu, I’m reading it right now and it’s fantastic. Also, my recent fav is All The Birds In the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders, it does a really good job of meshing sci-fi and fantasy. I found it really charming.