Recommend me some specific CK2 LPs, please?

Hey Waypointers!

I have gotten a real hankering for watching some Crusader Kings 2 Let’s plays, but I have also been spoiled by how the excellent staff at Waypoint streams, so not every old thing will do! I thought I would ask here, and see if anyone could help me find the good stuff.

I have some specific ideas of what I would like to watch, and if several of them could be combined, that would be sweet.

First off, I have a low tolerance for shouting, and would love someone who is chill and pleasant to listen to. If it is also someone who is able to tell the stories from within the systems - in the same way that Austin does - that would be amazing.

There are several specific settings within CK2 that I think would be interesting to watch: someone playing Merchant republics, someone playing Mongols, someone playing in India, or someone playing unusual religions or cultures (as in: not within the Roman Empire, not Christians, not Irish counts, etc).

If any of you could recommend anything along these lines, I would be very grateful!

Arumba probably has something that will interest you!

It doesn’t tick a lot of boxes for what you’re looking for but I thought I’d mention the Idle Thumbs stream in case you haven’t seen it. What it has to offer is this experience of seeing them learning the game as they go (with the help of chat).

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Was just about to post this, so instead I’ll link to this video in which Chris and Nick talk about their playthrough and their experiences with the game:

Not an LP but an AAR: Django Wexler is a pretty entertaining writer. It’s a little tricky to navigate his blog posts, but he’s done a few interesting runs.

Austin actually did a stream on Giant Bomb back when he was over there, if you haven’t checked that out already. They do a bit of roleplaying, tho its mostly messing around and creating amusing scenarios while explaining it to Vinny:

it is a premium video, tho you can get a premium trial for a few days if you really need that fix.

And before Giant Bomb Austin also did a little series on Streamfriends with some folks as well (Jack & Keith from Friends at the Table + Jack’s sister)


Thanks to everyone for the recommendations!

I didn’t know about the earlier streams that Austin had done, so that was very useful!

Also, that Arumba guy has some seriously long series, and very varied too, so I’m looking forward to digging into that.

Man, imagine an near-endless series of CK2 with a council of Waypoint staff guiding generations of rulers. Like with Stellaris — Rob, Austin and Danielle would be a cool small council. I’d pay good money for that!

Away, thanks again for your recommendations!

I haven’t seen his crusader kings streams but ARavingLoon is a pretty good streamer. He’s relatively quiet, and especially in his Paradox streams he can go for a few minutes without saying anything, but he’ll have like a very specific goal in mind for his games (like unite the Aztecs before the conquistadors show up in Europa Universalis IV or What If Communist South Africa Just Kinda Liberated Everyone in a game of Hearts of Iron IV). He’s a very good “something happening in the background” streamer for me personally.

This run might be up your alley? I haven’t seen it but it’s titled “Bank of Arabia” and the description says just “Neither Crusader, nor King.” so it fits your unusual play through request.
edit whoops forgot the link

edit 2: yeah its an islamic merchant empire

Islamic merchant empire, heck yeah!

That definitely seems up my alley. I realised after the initial post, that some form of role play was kinda important, at least enough to have some sort of goal, and not just to min-max to absolute victory.

I have a lot of good recommendations now, so I guess I should pick something and just get started!