Recommend restaurants in your town!


We all try to travel. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good local spot with all the choices that Google supplies you with.

So, let’s recommend some local spots for food/drink for you town!

I live in Atlanta, so here are some of my favs:

Doraville has some of the BEST spots in the entire city. There’s just a looong stretch of road that features Korean bakeries, traditional Mexican, Pho, Indian, all you could want! One of my favorite spots in that long stretch of goodness happens to be this place:

They’re tacos are what to get… Hand made tortillas, with any number of meat choices, including Barbacoa, Chorizo, Cow Tongue, etc. The margaritas are pretty dang strong too. They also decorate the small space OUT with whatever holiday is on the horizon. I bet the place is decked in pink for Valentine’s Day.

Atlanta is known for its wings. And while a lot of people will recommend J. Christopher’s as the spot to go to, I find them a tad dry at times. Honestly, there are TONS of wing spots around the city, and what you like

My favorite wing spot in the city is Wing Factory:

My favorite thing to get here is the 8-piece combo with fries. Hot Lemon Pepper is my flavor of choice, but there’s plenty of variety. People debate wings over here like politics, so my top may definitely not be your top, but give them a shot!

Burger wise, you can’t go wrong with Grindhouse Killer Burgers:

They’re a fantastic burger spot that basically has terrible movies playing on their TVs, as well as surrounding itself with a sort of rockabilly atmosphere. Plenty of choices here, including making your own burger to specification, with vegetarian options! I’d also recommend ANY of the boozy milkshakes. I think my favorite has to be the Stimulus Package: Oreo, Schnapps, and chocolate syrup.

For drinks, there are a few spots I love:

This place has weekly D&D events, as well as just being a fun arcadey, but trashy, atmosphere. It can get a bit rowdy with the surrounding bar hoppers. Bring a cup of quarters for the X-Men machine.

Locals get mad when you say 'The Bookhouse is based off Twin Peaks." Which I have no idea why… It’s named after a key place in the show, and there were drinks and food items named after characters in the show. I have been yelled at a number of times for saying this… Whatever, the place is amazing. When it gets warmer, they open out the back area which is a nice, chill spot surrounded by Christmas Lights.

What do you recommend in your town?


I don’t give a damn enough about the good food discourse of San Francisco other than to say La Taqueria is overrated and it’s hard to find good french fries so I’m just gonna do expensive ass joints and shit in my hometown.


Carmel is total shit for actual casual places so it’s nice that there’s finally somewhere you can hide amongst the tourists and golfers who couldn’t get a table in Pebble Beach and have a good burger and beer. Also there’s a very cute cat named Leo that wanders outside in the evening and he deserves all the pets.

Growing up in Carmel I’ve gotten to eat at plenty of the acclaimable restaurants and easily forgotten their names. French this, Italian that, California Mediterranean fusion which really means you don’t care about the chef’s vision and will just order the chicken dish, that one where Bill Murray hurled some women’s phones off the roof, the one you don’t got to because Clint Eastwood has money in it, and then one or two where I have beef with the families that own them. All forgettable in name but probably not food if you actually gave more of a damn than I, a jaded asshole who hated their hometown till they were 24. Sooo… I’d suggest Roy’s at Pebble Beach. I will die remembering how the tuna melted in my mouth at Roy’s.

Now, Robata used to be great. Great sushi, great steak, great miso soup, portions definitely too big, weirdly cramped and labyrinthine but great food. But then they changed owners and in general the food seems to have lost a spark of quality. And the place now always sets off my dust allergy. Still the best Japanese food in town though.

So that’s that. Papa Chano’s is better than Chipotle but not as good as whatever random place your gonna find in Seaside. I miss Turtle Bay in Monterey and I’m hiding a good Chinese place, two to three good Indian places, and my rec for wine-tasting because you don’t deserve to know them. Deal with it and get your table at Alan Silvestri’s place.


When I lived in Austin, Texas, I enjoyed Kismet Cafe the one time I went, which is a Mediterranean restaurant. I got the gyros there. I also liked the Kirby Lane Cafe, a diner, located near UT Austin the one time I went. I enjoyed Jack Allen’s Kitchen a lot, but that place is more expensive. Jack Allen’s Kitchen has an assortment of different types of food with a relaxed atmosphere. There was also this place called Eastside Cafe that I went to at night with a friend. The restaurant was just lit enough to be able to see stuff, which created this really romantic mood. The food was very good and it seemed like a perfect place for a romantic dinner.


I’ve got more recommendations against places than I do for places. But the one I would point out the most for being bad is Chaffe’s Landing in Petty Harbour, NL, Canada. When your fish, chicken, fries and water all taste the same then something is wrong.

A place that I would recommend whole heartedly is Two Whales Cafe in Port Rexton, NL, Canada. It’s a vegetarian soup and sandwich shop run by a lovely retired couple from the UK. They have a a few different soups each day so you never know what you’ll get but it’s always good.


Ciao Bella is the best Italian Restaurant in Romford.