Recommendations for Android games?

Girl’s Frontline is such a good gacha game.

The gacha p2w mechanic is (mostly) cosmetic items and I’ve had almost no issues running out of resources that are used to produce characters. You’re even incentivized to level low-rarity characters, since a lot of them can more than hold their own until the endgame, when you have more than enough resources to level some of the rarer ones. Not to mention all the character designs are all great and full of personality.

i think hungry cats is the best

Oh yeah, those guys! They also helped inspire Greenheart Games to make Gave Dev Tycoon, which might be one of my most played games on PC ever. The Android port is apparently very good.

I also fell that we can bring up a few short games while we’re here. On that page, I can recommend One Night, Hot Springs, a short queer VN about a Japanese transwoman visiting a hot springs.


Implosion: Never Lose Hope is pretty good if you’re looking for some fun action and storytelling but I never got really far. Opus Rocket of Whispers has beautiful visuals and story if you’re interested in that

I’ve been enjoying Pirates Outlaws, a very nice Slay-the-Spire-em-up.

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