Recommendations for fiction podcasts?


ohhhh man. my favorite genre of podcasts is audio dramas, they make up the biggest chunks of what i listen to at work. and if you love bright sessions then you have very good taste. :sunglasses:

a lot of my recs have been mentioned already - friends at the table, the adventure zone, alice isn’t dead, penumbra podcast, etc. etc. so i’ll just mention some i haven’t seen here yet!

ars paradoxica: you might have already heard of this depending on how far into the bright sessions you are, since there’s a crossover episode between the two at one point. it’s a sci-fi show about unconventional time travel. i had a hard time getting into it because sci-fi isn’t my favorite, and it takes a while to build, but it gets good. queer and POC characters involved, too, and not just in a tacked on way, which i appreciated.

the orbiting human circus (of the air): part of the night vale presents network, so you know it’s good. the first season just wrapped up so it’s a good time to catch up! the main character is queer, although romance is not involved in the story. this show is awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching and can get pretty meta at times? also the setting is the Eiffel tower.


i’ve heard pf penumbra and that was gonna be one i checked out so thanx for the tip!


Just listened to Limetown over the course of yesterday and today. Started out really high on it but kind of fell off towards the end. Thought the set-up and initial questions were more interesting than the payoff. Then the realization there has been no update on a second season in over a year so that’s pretty disheartening. Glad I listened though.