'Red Dead Redemption 2' Coming to PC on November 5

The long-rumored port of Red Dead Redemption 2 has been confirmed, Rockstar Games announced today. The PC version arrives on November 5.

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I hope it plays better. Shortcuts should help.

Can’t wait to see what modders do with this one tbh.

Arthur Morgan’s journal but it’s just filled with his favorite anime wives? Yeah, that’ll probably happen.


I demand the Woody mod.


I hope those new missions and weapons get ported to consoles, because I don’t think I want to buy it a third time

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Can’t wait for the Thomas the Tank engine heist.


I’m fairly shocked that they are not keeping it exclusive to their new store. This title is definitely strong enough IMO that they do not need Epic or Valve.

Honestly if I get it I’ll probably be getting it mostly for screwing around in multiplayer with friends. Had a lot of fun in the past doing that with GTA V before the micro-transactions just got completely out of hand.

maybe someone can mod something good into it


I think you can count on them already being out of hand. They’ve “learned” a lot over the years.

I actually tried a little bit of the multiplayer, again, just today. It’s not fun. All the wonderful things about the game are absent from the multiplayer mode.

I’m the exact opposite, I’m gonna replay the single player and likely never touch the multiplayer (I’m sure that has nothing to do with me not having gaming friends). I’ll have to decide if I get it and replay it right away or wait until after I’m done with Death Stranding. Seems like playing those 2 games at the same time would be an ordeal.

I’m about halfway through the prologue and it looks great and runs well on my RTX 2070 with most the settings on high or ultra (fps feels consistent but my brain kinda just takes anything over 30 as all the same).

I would have gotten further but they added a fairly robust photo mode to this version and I spent too much time floating around taking pics.



I got this for PC as well even though I didn’t care much for it on console. Though that’s mostly because I didn’t like how it controlled, but with a mouse aiming doesn’t feel like total garbage so it’s been a better experience so far.
My computer is a bit old and my CPU is definitely a bottleneck, but I have the settings at misty high/medium and it runs at a solid 60fps most of the time.

This might be the game I need right now because I’m in a big ‘ol depressive spell and need whatever distractions will work until this whole thing blows over.

Also loading from a SSD just makes a lot of waiting much much better.

Thinking about giving online a try now that I no longer need a subscription, but maybe after things have calmed down a bit.


Do you just CLEAN UP with mouse control?

I’m hoping they add a private session option now that it’s on PC, I stayed away from the console RDO because of the griefing.

I’m still playing with a controller, I usually do. 5 minutes on a keyboard and my left hand is on fire (probably did some damage climbing radio towers for 5 years in my early 20s). I was a dual-weilding whirlwind of death with my gold and silver Schofields. The rythm of aim, pull hammer, shot, repeat was extremely satisfying for me.

My Xbox Elite 2 showed up just in time to play this with it, it’s so good. I bought it because I’m sick of changing the batteries out and never knowing if today is when it dies in the middle of a play session. I’m also a huge mark for elite gaming gear and I am A Gamer.

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Headshots GALORE!

When my PC was hooked up to a TV I would still sit on the couch and use a controller, but that’s no longer the case. So I can’t justify just … NOT using the pretty decent mouse I have.
Though I’ll admit they have poor support for high DPI mice, but to be fair MOST games are only playable when I bring the sensitivity down to basically zero.

Bummer about the hand pain! I’d definitely understand wanting to stick to a controller if it was causing physical pain.

Besides, the game is obviously designed with a controller in mind and I’ve had some real annoying hitches when walking or riding a horse. Part of me is wondering if I can some how wield a controller in one hand and a mouse in the other. Best of both worlds?

I am a bit jealous of the Elite 2 though. I have an Elite 1 at work and it’s very nice, but have yet to justify the cost of getting one myself.
Which is absurd because I play games on PC and it’s not like that’s a cheap hobby.

Probably. When I played GTA V on PC I would use the controller for driving and used the mouse and keyboard to shoot.

Does this game even have load times except the initial one?

Replaying missions has a load screen.

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I just tested it. You can switch from controller and mouse/keyboard on the fly, I even used controller and mouse simultaneously. I was moving forward sneaking up on a deer and grabbed the mouse to aim and shoot while still using the LS on the controller to move around a tree. It didn’t do the usual thing where one scheme takes complete priority once you start using a different input device.

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