Remember that game with the unusual movement mechanics and a female protag?


The one that came out in 2007?

Total critical darling.

The one that really demphasized combat, instead focusing on movement and puzzles despite being a first person game?

It also had a striking aesthetic, with a lot of stark white spaces?

Oh, and a theme song called “Still Alive?”

Guh, what was it called?

Wait I think I can recall…









Oh, Remember Me! I love that game!



Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008 though. The one time being able to remember which year things happened in way too well actually helps, to ruin this thread.


Damn, I was looking at the announce date. I salute your attention to detail.


Wet was dope. You’re right.


Remember when EA actually cared about new IP


There was like a year or two there where they seemed like a good company, at least in terms of their creative output.

Incidentally, anybody know if Catalyst worth picking up?


If you liked the first one a lot you’ll find enjoyment with it, I certainly did. It’s not as good as the original but it manages to transfer those mechanics into more open levels surprisingly well.


Thanks, it looks like it’s not too expensive so I may pick it up.

I do think it’s kind of a bummer that it’s a weird prequel reboot that retcons the world to the far future. For some reason I really liked the implication that the original took place in the same world as Bad Company.


It’s the bad kind of open world. The most fun you’ll get are the main story missions as they are shaped like classic Mirror’s Edge levels. The open-world is doing everything in its power to not experiment with it, ever.


Oh, and for some reason they didn’t get Rhianna Pratchett to write it. Which is certainly a shame given the fact a ton of the original’s story got left on the cutting room floor or relegated to those comics.


Commercially Remember Me must have been a flop because I cannot remember it being talked about after the release day.


That description sounded like P.N.04 at first, but the year looked all wrong. I see that, indeed, I was wrong. Hrm.


I thought of Vanessa too from the title lol


You bastard. I have screamed across the internet trying to foster comparative criticism between Portal and Mirror’s Edge and you hit all my points in 4 lines.

Wait, you forgot bringing down a surveillance apparatus. No one remembers that at the end of the original Mirror’s Edge you more or less accidentally destroy the servers for the city’s surveillance and then of course in Portal you kill the surveyor. Also depending on what you want to take the canonical gender of the mayor of the city in Mirror’s Edge as, female villain.

There’s an area in Catalyst that is a recreation of one of the earliest areas in the original (the room in the first level where you jump onto a vent to get into some other vents and one of the collectible bags is in the room, you’d recognize it immediately if you saw it) and when you see it your hit with huge nostalgia only to think, “wait, Mirror’s Edge wasn’t that long ago… Oh shit, Mirror’s Edge was almost ten years ago”.

For some reason I did really love the choice of completely contemporary technology level in the original.