Remember That One Game, Where You Did The Thing?

This doesn’t necessarily fit within the “first game” thread or the “games you remember through non-gaming memories” but it’s somewhat similar. I was just sitting here at work when I had this memory of a weird little game I played a long time ago back when my family ran a computer store.

They would build custom computers and re-build computers and sell them. This was right before Best Buy and other stores really pushed their geek squads / computer gurus and before Windows 95. We would get these WIZ demo discs that featured the first game in a series of games. I got stuff like the original Duke Nukem, and Commander Keen.

Well, there was this weird little game called Cosmos Cosmic Adventures, and it was a platformer where you had suction cups for hands.


It was pretty fun, and colorful, but definitely falls within that realm of “hey, remember that one game, where you did the one thing?”

What are your “Remember that one game” gems?

QBASIC Gorillas
it was basically a classic Artillery game like have existed in various flavours since early computer days, but this was the only one where you were were two giant gorillas on a randomly generated city scape hurling atomic bananas at each other.


Omigosh! I played this one as well when my parents ran their computer company. Aaaah. :smiley:

Haha I’ve totally played Cosmos! One of my earliest gaming memories. Weird, I was thinking back to lot of old games I played like Commander Keen and the 2D Duke games but didn’t mange to recall this one. Seems like your family computer and my family computer had a lot of the same games on it.

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remember that one game, where you did the thing, and the thing was murdering lots of barney the dinosaur clones with various weapons?
i saw a tweet about that yesterday and it reminded me.

barney carnage. these sound effects are lodged

What a weird little game. I remember those types of games, but not that particular one. Kind of reminds me of around the time custom desktop screensavers came about. Sometimes instead of playing an actual game on the computer I’d just watch this sceensaver instead.

I played a lot of this obscure little strategy game called World War II in Western Europe (think I got it on one of those shareware discs) back when I was a kid. Probably understood… less than 40% of what was going on, but I remember having fun!


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If I had come across that game in my youth I don’t think I would have understood it much either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s another one I remember putting a decent amount of time into: Alien Carnage/Halloween Harry


I remember it being pretty hard and I had to start over on a frequent basis.

I just remembered this little edutainment gem. I was a little old for this particular game, but I played it anyway. It was much easier to convince my parents to get me an educational game…

Here’s another game that took me a little while longer to remember than the others. I think I was watching someone play a NES version of Home Alone 1 and was confused because I only remembered them making one for Home Alone 2. Well, here’s THAT game. I never did beat it.

I loooooved Cosmo! I remember that the default names on the high score list were Simpsons characters, and I felt very clever because I got the reference (I was a kid leave me alone.)

This thread has kicked me off searching for my white whale, the game I think of whenever a question like this comes up. It was a DOS game (or maybe early Windows- probably both), it was a 3D flight sim, it was set in some kind of sci-fi Egypt, and it wasn’t Fury3 or Terminal Velocity (Those always seem to come up when I go looking for this…)

I’m not giving up til I find it. Tonight. I’ll edit this post with a screenshot when I do :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Damn, I actually found it! “Sandwarriors”

I found ONE picture of the box cover way, way down on a Google image search for “Egypt flight PC game”- and that was the 5th or 6th search string I tried.

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I completely missed The Simpsons reference in Cosmo, but I got into Simpsons WAY later.

I’ve had plenty of “white whale” games lately, stuff that I’ll vaguely remember but not have enough info to really get anywhere with it on Google. Who knows, maybe this thread will help with that. :smiley:

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