Renata Price -- welcome to Waypoint

Fanbyte, Kotaku, Waypoint. Next … the world!


Nice! I really enjoyed Renata’s writing at Kotaku, can’t wait to see what she does here.


I was hoping Renata would keep writing in games! Congrats on a non-Spanfeller position.


She’s great. I know her stuff a little from Fanbyte, and as mentioned above, her brief stint at Kotaku.

Ever since the team announced a search for a new member I must confess I’ve been nervous about who they’d get - how would it affect the vibe on the pod or streams? Thrilled the answer is Renata who I’m sure will fit right in.


I have a lot of faith in Patrick/Rob/Cado to be good stewards of Waypoint.

Thrilled to see Renata come aboard - going from Fanbyte under Danielle to Kotaku under Patricia Hernandez to Waypoint is about as good a CV as you could ask for out of a new member of the team. Renata’s half-Waypoint already.


This is wonderful news. Go Renata!


Renata’s farewell really struck a chord with me:

If I’ve learned anything from working here, it is that you have to give yourself the grace to fail if you have any interest in staying alive.

As a first-year teacher who is absolutely failing and going to quit, this made me feel much better. Excited to see what else Renata writes for waypoint!

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Welcome Renata! Do they have a muckrack or something where I can find their previous work? I only see the author page at Kotaku.

Welcome! Let’s goooooo

Horray, new humans get to live in my car radio and they like games too.


How exciting! Very pleased to have Renata join the Waypoint crew. Welcome!

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Extremely stoked for a new voice, welcome to the site! This twitter thread made me very excited for the future podcast dynamic. Finally Rob has a fellow ultrawide defender.


Weeeew I had no doubt that Patrick, Rob and Cado would bring in someone great that fits the Waypoint vibe and stoked for Renata to add their voice. Welcome welcome welcome!

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Welcome Renata, it’s great to hear you so effortlessly and magnificently bullying the others on the pod, excited for what’s to come!


She was kicking ass in that bonus episode (stream)? Haven’t heard a voice this confident about what Waypoint could be since Austin left.


I went into the last late night episode with such a critical gatekeeping attitude, I can see that now after having listened to it. I was proven wrong and blown away by this (sorry, ageist too) 21 year old sassy clever woman, and I’m so happy for it.
I capitulate, and I’m an asshole - Welcome Renata!