Report: Activision Blizzard CEO Hid Sexual-Abuse Claims From Board

Despite telling board members otherwise, the Wall Street Journal reported today, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick was not only well aware of reports of harassment and abuse at his company, but also complicit in them.

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I wish this was even remotely surprising.

Kotick lost a lawsuit related to his handling of sexual harassment way back in 2007. Who knows what else he’s been up to since then.

Hopefully he finally loses his damn job at a minimum.


Solidarity with the walkout today


Solidarity with the walkout.

If you needed any other reason to doubt any of the moves ActiBlizz has made as disingenuous, look no farther than the section of the story that talks about Jen O’Neal, who was propped up as a a paragon of diversity! In the email the report cites detailing O’Neal’s resignation a month after being promoted, she reveals one of the reasons she was leaving is that she wasn’t being paid as much as the other co-CEO, Mike Ybarra.

Think about that… the company promotes this woman to the top of the company as proof that they can make positive change… and then they immediately pay her less than her equivalent male counterpart. Jesus fucking Christ.


Fire Bobby Kotick into the sun.


Absolutely sickening, but unsurprising because it’s all in line with the prior accounts that we heard this summer. Hope the employees are successful in forcing a change. Kotick, his board and anyone who ever turned a blind eye to this over the years deserve the worst.


what an absolute piece of shit