Representation of your Region / Culture / People in Games

Hey folks,

I’m curious if a game (or games) has represented the place you hail from, its people and your culture, and if they’ve done it well. Being Filipino, there’s not a whole lot of games that have depicted our area, people or culture, and when they have, more often than not it’s pretty inaccurate.

I remember there being a lot of buzz here when they had a mission set in Basilan (which is in the southern Philippines), although that game eventually turned out to be a trainwreck.

Their depiction of the region was also quite jarring, especially since you can hear locals talking to each other in Tagalog, when Tagalog is not a popular language in that area.

There have been a few others since. I recall Shadowrun Hong Kong mentioning Huks fighting against the Japanese government (Analogous to the real life guerilla group during the Second World War), and there was a nanny talking about home and her supposedly amazing lumpia, although these weren’t exactly major events or characters in the game. Tekken 7 also features its first Filipina fighter, although she’s a Filipina in name and design, not exactly by personality or backstory. Also, Josie Rizal is such an obvious and terrible name to go with.

Have games represented your region, culture and people? If they have, how did they do?


There aren’t a whole lot of games set in Canada, and of those that are Newfoundland is not the place depicted. The only thing I can think of is in Dark Souls 2 there is a character that has a Newfoundland accent.

Yeah, I’m also in Canada boat, I think the closest I have come is Until Dawn is set in broadly the same region of Canada I grew up in but you don’t really see much of it.

well and of course there’s this classic:

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Are there are games set in Florida? I guess I never really played AC:Black Flag, but that’s not really a modern setting/I don’t know so much about the historical setting/details.
I’m not as familiar with the Miami area(I guess Vice City is pretty seminal, not sure about how accurate it is though), and the Orlando ones appear to be all Disney stuff (which is hardly a ‘real’ place).

North/East Florida is a mixed bag of rural communities, swamps, and urban decay/subdivisions, so I can see why it hasn’t really been used as a setting for a lot of stuff. Who knows though, maybe some day someone will… :slight_smile:

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Dark Souls 2 features some natural Irish accents. No twee “Irish” stuff, just Irish voice actors speaking naturally in their vernacular. It’s a really nice thing to hear in a game that’s set in a fantasy land.


I grew up in Utah among Mormons and found that Night in the Woods, despite not being about Utah or mormonism, is a really thoughtful examination of faith that echoed a lot of my experiences in Utah.

Mae’s questioning of the ambiguity of faith, Karen’s embracing of it and her will to try and make things better for the people around her, the town’s rejection of those efforts, Mae’s parent’s hesitant acceptance of her lack of faith all felt like experiences I had, and continue to have, with people of faith.

Particularly US centered christian groups.


I vaguely remember that ladder guy having one in ds2. A lot of folks from Skellige in the Witcher 3 have strong Norn Iren accents too.

I don’t think there are any games set here, but, Persona 5 has a lot of Irish folklore in it. Cu Chulainn and the like.

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BC representation spiked back in 2010, we’ll never surpass this.


from here on out Canada is just going to have to deal with being the place where they shoot TV shows. it’s lowkey one of my favourite parts of Fargo.

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I’m metis and wished that it showed up more in games. Or atleast that games took it into consideration that first nations folks are of a wide and generous group of nations.


There has never be a good representation of Miami in video games that I’ve found to be to my satisfaction. All of them are either set in the 80s or depict the city in a very negative light as some sort of crime-ridden shithole. Kind of fucked up, since Miami-Dade County has the highest immigrant population in the US. Feels like they’re tryin to say something and whatever it is, it ain’t good.

Additionally, I don’t think any game developer has the wherewithall to try to tackle the utter snafu that is Cuba and it’s relationship with America in particular. As for my home country on my mother’s side, I seriously doubt that anyone has or would put a setting in present day Nicaragua.

What I’ve noticed a lot about video games is that whenever Latinos and their regions are to be represented, almost every developer ignores how diverse we are nationally, ethnically, and racially. Usually they immediately default to Mexico. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take what I can get and cling to it, but it’s still a little upsetting.


I… Don’t think there’s ever been good representation of Romani in video games. There are plenty of racist charicatures I’m sure but no good representation.

Italy, though, that’s fucking everywhere.


Firewatch is set in the era of my childhood in a forest near the town where I grew up. Coincidentally, one of the game’s designers grew up in the same town.


The only game to ever portray the town I grew up in is The Crew. What’s it matter that it was reduced to just a few buildings that look nothing like the area and was misplaced? Frankly, I’m just amazed they had reason to include it. They left out everything on the Monterey Bay except the town I grew up in, a dreadfully portrayed Big Sur, and Laguna Seca Raceway.

I’m British, and its kind of a complicated one here too, probably in a similar way to Canada. Lot of weird stereotypes and stereotypical characters, not much stuff really set here (certainly not outside of London). At least London got blown up loads in Mass Effect 3, I suppose?

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My folks are Sicilian so…lmao. At least I got Castlevania and Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 for making Catholicism heavy metal as fuck.


I know it’s a super cliche answer in terms of the Metis but, there could be something really cool done with the Louis Riel story as a plot or just as a setting backdrop.

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Outside of Forza Horizon 3 and the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger games - Australia seems to get stuck with Mad Max references and the ocker stereotype and nothing else.

And even with that, I take issue with Forza Horizon 3 - I wish they had just lifted the Great Ocean Road straight as it is in real life because the in-game version does not do it any justice and Byron Bay being south of the Yarra Valley will never not be weird to me.


@arlo As someone who’s half Filipino (kumusta ka!) and half Egyptian I’ve basically given up on having any sort of decent representation in games. Heck, the last time I saw any that remotely looked like me was in Medal of Honor Warfighter where I got to shoot two Filipino terrorists with a single bullet during a flood, and then gun down tons of Arabs. Unfortunately I grew up entirely in the states, so I can’t tell you how the tagalog was, but judging by their depiction of the country I’m sure it was terrible.

Egypt is basically a lost cause in media here as well. It gets brought up a ton, but basically only as a mystical ancient ruin adorned with pyramids and hieroglyphics. Hell, Overwatch is probably the best version of it and I still hated it because it played into ever single one of those tropes.

I’m excited to see a Filipina in Tekken, but yeah, like you said, she pretty much doesn’t look like any Filipinas I’ve ever met.


When England is represented it is always London. When London is represented it is always enormously full of white cockneys and nobody else despite London having a REALLY big black and middle eastern population. Just to rub salt into the wound all of the voice actors are American and completely unable to do the accent.

I come from Sussex and the best representation I have seen of my area was the terrain generation of Sir, You Are Being Hunted. The guy doing their terrain hits it out the park representing the South Downs. The different island types each mimic other British national parks too which is very cool.