'Republic Commando' Explored the Horror of Star Wars' Clone Armies

In the decade-and-a-half since its release for Xbox and PC, LucasArts’ Republic Commando has developed a reputation as one of the most essential entries in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, a bright spot at a time when the franchise's video game track record was looking grim, and one that gave insight into an area of Star Wars little seen in the often Force-focused movies, comics, and cartoons.

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Highly recommend the Dev Game Club podcast for anyone interested in the development of
Republic Commando. Its hosted by two developers who worked on the game and they did a series of episodes that were in-depth interviews with other people who also worked on different various aspects of Republic Commando.


I watched a playthrough of this game (most of the game) by the lead a few months ago, and what fascianted me was that most of the clever, important things that make it stand out didn’t exist until like 3-4 months before release. they didn’t even have SQUAD AI in their SQUAD GAME until the last months. the squad execution melee stuff (which is critical to their lethality and effectiness) wasn’t in until like 3months before launch and it was added by accident (it was a reworking of a system for enemies that they had no plans to use on buddies but found it just sorta worked).

it constantly baffels me that it’s such a clever bit of design, where almost none of the design was planned and alot of the good stuff happened by accident/was against their intentions.