RESET Roundtable: Fandom + Regulation and Moderation

“RESET: The Unauthorized Guide to Video Games” is a new show on VICE TV that aims at taking a deep look at the culture and community around video games. Each episode, host Dexter Thomas is joined by a selection of Waypoint Radio hosts, Motherboard writers, and industry professionals for the RESET Roundtable, a panel discussion on that specific episode’s topics. This podcast is the full recording session from the two first episodes, “Fandom” and “Regulation.”

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Ahhh, I was hoping for a lively discussion of fandom and junk here.

Whatever, I guess I can deal with the spotlight.

You ever been in the comment section of any mainstream gaming website when there was Bioware news about pre-Andromeda?

Toxic as Hell with poor behaviored randos crying out about how Bioware’s games are all about social justice now and what not, “I want to play a white cishet male” etc. you get the idea. They want to Bioware to go back to “when they were good” or something. The thing that I always wondered is, what Bioware game did they want the company to go back to? I don’t know their earliest work but KOTOR had Juhani, I want to believe there was queer content in Jade Empire, Mass Effect had Liara, Dragon Age had Leliana and Zevran, and the it goes on. Really did wonder what precedent they thought they were standing on to want apolitical cishet content from Bioware.

Ah, but the actual Bioware fandom, from whom when the writers got attacked online, it was for killing off so and so or such and such, like a real proper book and/or screen writer. They should take some pride in the hate mail from the “Cullenites.”

Bioware also almost ritualistically deleted their forums after every… I wanna say it was always between a Dragon Age and a Mass Effect. They wiped the whole slate clean and started anew until they just threw in the towel on official forums all together. They will never know the filthy conversations that happened, except for that one that got referenced in the game; I won’t tell you which, or the original post where Blasto was created on the spot. Also that the Lady of the Skies is Mythal. We originally figured that one out by analyzing sonnets spread out across those damn Hinterlands.

I should probably write down all the things I experienced in the Bioware fandom from Dragon Age to DA:I. I could probably pull up some hilarious stories.

Oh, and the Fire Emblem fandom, the queer Fire Emblem fandom, no less. Since this forum has taught me that writing for the FE Awakening and Fates Gay Mod is something I can flex, someday, I’ll write down all the stories that I can from that Discord. Someday, I’ll spill on the Sumia Loving Power Hour.