RESET Roundtable: The Covid One: Our Year of Gaming + The Top Ten Games of the 2010s

“RESET: The Unauthorized Guide to Video Games” is a new show on VICE TV that aims at taking a deep look at the culture and community around video games. Each episode, host Dexter Thomas is joined by a selection of Waypoint Radio hosts, Motherboard writers, and industry professionals for the RESET Roundtable, a panel discussion on that specific episode’s topics. This podcast is the full recording session from the two episodes “The Covid One: Our Year of Gaming” and “The Top Ten Games of the 2010s”

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Cool poddy. Had no idea people were using Animal Crossing to substitute for in-person Iftar parties last year. Also made me realise I never heard Gita talk about BotW so that was great too.

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I absolutely engage in feels bad gaming. Thank you Gita, for giving it a name. Please game slash media, confirm my cynicism to give me a weird sort of comfort.

Bummed but not surprised to hear The Last of Us shat on so hard. Oh, well. I still love you, TLOU.