Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)


If I remember correctly, the original game did have spiders. Who knows though, they might have been cut for the remake!


i’ve been watching a let’s play of the original RE2 and i can say with absolute certainty that the original has enormous tarantulas in one section. so maybe skip this one ):


The giant spiders were reused from the first game for this one section of the basement of the police building and I think some of the sewers. I wonder if they’ll be in the remake, presumably they’d need to make more game to compensate the giant spiders, it’s not like they’re putting them on a 2D background. It’s more work to have those giant spiders and they might look a little goofy next to the tone of the game. Unless they get redesigned into something actually scary…

I seem to remember fighting a gian moth at the end of the game. It was locked behind a door in which both Claire and Leon had to open across campaigns. I don’t like moths.


The English VO in the demo and the trailers sounds super campy again and I can’t tell if they’re trying to be retro or if it’s just a consequence of them deciding not to go with union actors.

Demo did have language options though so maybe I can just play the game in Japanese.


All Resident Evil voice acting has always been mega campy and always will be and the games are better for it.


Hey! I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good/safe streamer or play through for this game. It’s farrrr too spooky for me to play but I’ve been really excited about what I’ve heard, and want to experience it.


Watch any of the speedrunning community around the game, such as Bawkbasoup or Carcinogen, to get a pretty “just the game, no streamer silliness” run. It’ll likely be pretty fast though. It’s worth watching the latter’s Leon Hardcore Mode no damage run or Claire A Story Hardcore Mode permadeath run videos, as you’ll see pretty much the entire game start to end, with full run commentary too.


I wish there was an option to turn on printer ribbons other than Hardcore difficulty. I’m a dumb old man who likes the old system, but am definitely not good enough to enjoy the whole game at that difficulty level.


I’m pretty sure I picked up the original RE2 the same week it was released, and played it repeatedly on Playstation (and later, PC) over and over and over again. I knew how to cruise through that game with what felt like muscle memory.

I hadn’t played it for… gosh, easily 15 years. I made a very conscious choice not to do a replay again before I got the remake, and it’s been exceedingly fun to play it that way. I find myself instinctually running in certain directions, out of the pull of not even recollection, just… something that’s just out of reach. The times its paid off (yay, finding the save room under the staircase!) versus the times it most did not (surprise lickers!) has added a whole new dimension of spooky to it.

I thought I knew the RPD station, but it’s like an alternate dimension where there’s just enough familiar to make the surprises that much worse.


Awesome, thank you!


yo fuck mr. x!

The game trains you that the lobby is like the one safe space in the game and then nope! go to save and that trenchcoat wearing motherfucker just busts down the door on the other side of the room.


I just finished my first playthrough as Leon, really enjoyable and didn’t feel too drawn out like some other games do. The game felt manageable for someone like me who normally doesn’t seek out horror games, and had more of an interest in the game as an exploratory experience with resource management, which the game delivers very well on.

That said while normally the game is kind of tame on the tension (imo) they ramp it up so damn high with the tyrant. I had to calm my stress down, so I read up some stuff; He became a little bit (and just a little bit) less frightening once I knew that he had specific chase start and end triggers, so I knew when I was safe to explore.

Curious as to what a new game + would entail I looked it up and apparently along with the game being more punishing with resources they unleash Mr.X all throughout…
I’m not sure I can deal with that.

How has your experience been with the second run? Do you have your own strategies or experiences to share? Of course blur or hide details on late-game / post-game stuff.


I’ve actually been streaming this game on Twitch and then putting it on Youtube. I’m new to streaming really, so my patter’s not great. I’m not particularly good at the game but I played the original and have some fondness for it.

The new one is creeping me the hell out. It’s both tremendous and awful at the same time.


Im nearing the end of Leon’s segment of the game (will spoiler block things like locations, etc.), and I have to say: The Sewers? Not nearly as tense as the Police Station.

The Special enemy the game introduces there isn’t nearly as terrifying as the Lickers. God, the amount of times I’d be running away from some other bullshit just to accidentally alert a Licker. Fuck those things. I also just felt so comfortable with the Minerva as basically a sniper (playing with mouse/keyboard) and encounters were easy as stunning zombies with headshots and running by.

The Sewers also has a pretty bad puzzle boss involving a crane that I did about 6 times before executing right, despite figuring it out in about 15 seconds. Ran into that old Horror Game Problem of “if you do it too many times it sucks” and that… sucked.

The Labs are ramping it back up, though. I’m a sucker for really fucked up yet clinical spaces and Umbrella’s Black Mesa-esque awful corporate bullshit is extremely my shit and the plant-men are scary as fuck.


Felt the same way about The Sewers.


That boss is pretty bad if only because you have almost no mobility in the game, it often feels like you’re relying on randomness to avoid hits, or just tank them and eat another readily available healing item.
Also like, when you figured it out you figured it out, idk why they felt like you needed to knock him twice to finish him off.

One thing that annoyed me a bit about the plant men was that they felt like they kind of defied the logic the game set up. For one they don’t die, even when you find a note that’s like “They keep getting back up, burn them!” and then you burn them and they still don’t permanently die. And then you release herbicide into the greenhouse room, and they don’t get affected by it at all; twice I felt like I had followed the steps of logic to no effect.

By the way, I recommend anyone to get the Magnum when you have the opportunity to, it’s so powerful it not only one shots zombies (often saving a full mag of Matilda shots) but also two shots Lickers and does plenty damage to bosses.


I’m on my first playthrough of Leon’s story. The original Resi2 is one of my favourite games ever, hit me right during my most formative years on the PlayStation along with Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid - which I realised have all gotten remakes over the past few years. I always preferred Resi 2 to the first game because it just had a grimmer tone, the city and the RPD showing a larger scale disaster. The storytelling, for the time, was also a cut above the rest and was less campey as the first game. I think ever since the first game was remade for GC, most fans have been holding out for a similar treatment for 2.

So far I think they’ve knocked it out of the park. With a few reservations. I believe it does what the GC remake did for the original - giving you a modern update containing things you recognise and remember, whilst twisting elements that catch you off guard. I’m thoroughly enjoying the remake, of course ‘enjoying’ always means something different with horror of this magnitude. Perhaps more so than any previous game belonging to the series, I’ve been in situations where I basically exhausted all my resources and am just desperately scrambling around the place and evading all the monsters.

When I did the first boss on my first run, I wasted far too much ammo and ended up having nothing to defend myself with against the basement level. I replayed it again and did it much better, landing more shots and adapting my strategy. These kinds of survival horrors from original Resi 1-4 and probably Dead Space are really about management of the situation around you, if you can keep things managed you can mostly stay on top of the game. You move from being scared all the time to feeling like a veteran, so long as you are well equiped to manage a situtation. Which is why a lot of these games have good replay value.

I feel the main thing I have to say about Resi 2 remake is how great the central RPD location is. To the point, I think it does overshadow the rest of the game’s settings. The RPD was always a great setting in the original game, like the mansion of the first game, and lovingly recreated here with additional depth and new additions.

In the first half of the RPD section, you are getting to know your surroundings and all the different pathways around the place. The game is very much about backtracking your way through the station, there are various locations you have to go to advance the story, there are lots of additional side objectives such as the lockers which generally are worth taking your time to figure out. I found myself setting myself small realistic goals to get from A to B to get these objectives and plotting them out on the map.

The map has always been a mainstay of the older games of the series, and I’m pleased it’s here in Resi 2 though adapted to be more useful. It’s so vital to your plotting your next move and carving out your main pathways through the station. Then there’s management of your location. The corridors for example in the ground floor are prone to zombies flooding in via the windows, you’ve really got to stragically think about where you want to put your boards, because you’ll need to come back through these areas multiple times and it’s so difficult evading enemies within narrow confines.

And obviously all your locational awareness and knowledge of the RPD is put to the test once Tyrant enters the scene. I didn’t watch a lot of the pre-release material but I figured he’d be making an appearance, in Mission B… like the original game. When he shows up in his hat, I wasn’t really expecting it and I was caught completely off guard. Didn’t even attempt to fight him.

He was scary in the original game, but once you knew he was coming after several playthroughs you had him basically sussed and defeating him became a payday in rare ammo. He’d take so long to wind up his downward pummel, you could literally walk around. His head would turn to follow you even though his body was already committed to the attack. It was funny.

I thought his appearance would continue to be scripted in the remake, for some reason, only occurring at certain story points. But no, once he appears he is a constant and he transforms the second half of the police station section. It’s actually ingenius, because it requires you to dig deep into your locational awareness of the RPD station and your understanding of the map. Suddenly the station feels so much smaller and scarier, and there’s no more Marvin to at least give you some direction. You have to know all the routes and be aware of all the shortcuts, some of which begin to evoke that Dark Souls sense of achievement when you unlock them. All I would say is, unlock as much of the station as you can in the early parts of the game.

This does begin to fall apart once you leave the station, and I feel the game begins to pander away from the vibe of the original game and become driven by setpieces in the style of Res 4-6 once you reach the sewers. It no longer has the nuance of the RPD sections. Also, Tyrant takes a bit of a backstep once you leave the police station. Perhaps he’s a bigger threat. But again, the whole thing with Tyrant is that they introduced enough of the station to the point that it puts all your knowledge to the test. Doing the same thing in the sewers would require a similar sense of pacing. I feel every appearance of Tyrant post RPD is scripted, which is slightly disappointing - but I guess they have to wrap things up.

Other things I noted:

  • Aside from the horror, I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the puzzle stuff. The small lock boxes you get where you have to type out a certain sequence, that weird frequency pitch in the lab.They offer great relief from the suspense around you. You just go into your inventory, the game is paused and you get to focus on this one thing that won’t kill you.
  • The remake has made zombies scary again. At least to a point. The occasional bit when your bullet pops their head open feels so good since they do take a beating otherwise. Even when you have ‘killed’ them, I’m not so sure whether they get back up later on. Some of the zombie enemies have a habit of feeling a bit like walking bullet sponges just there to waste all your ammo. The one to your immediate left as you walk into the morgue must have taken an entire clip and two shotgun rounds to go down. I repeated that section again and just put a grenade in his mouth and blew him up. Seemed to work. At some points, and I don’t know if it’s something that is actually coded into the game to react to your progression, some certain zombies appearing at certain parts of the station seem impossible to kill and only serve to get a cheap attack as you pass on by. I think the only use of the magnum is to guarantee cancel those specific enemies with a single headshot and remove them from being a threat.
  • The bit where you play as Ada. I’m just saying… but in the original game when you took control of her, she fired her gun slightly sideways, which made her fire rate a little faster. This was not replicated for the remake and I for one am furious about it.
  • I guess they’re layering in more of the Resi 4 styled biohazard stuff into some of the later enemy designs. The sewer monsters feel like something from Resi 5 and then the whole garden zombies in the lab have the feeling of the dreaded regenerators from 4 and 6. I guess it’s fine that the series is reappropriating some of that stuff as it was cool then.
  • I was taken back by the lack of Kendo Gun Shop from the beginning of the first game. You literally start and you’re in the station. The payoff once you do actually find it later on in the game. Not sure if the Kendo gunshop owner is worthy of becoming more of a character, but it was a nice little sad moment that I thought for sure was going to end up far more violent. Can I play as him in the mercenaries mode? If there even is one?

I’m about to finish the last boss, but I’m looking forward to dive back in as Claire.



I do have to say the best part of failing that crane fight is that the cutscene of Leon catching the crate to the face has pretty great (and likely accidental) comedic timing and I laughed every time.


Hey, just wanted to let you know that there are no spiders in the Leon play through at least!


I can confirm that there were no spiders in my Claire run and scenario B run of Leon. I thus doubt that they’re in the game now, but someone who went Leon then Claire can confirm.

There is a bit with some big (but like not giant, we’re talking maybe fist-sized) roaches, but it’s just a set piece more than anything.


I just finished watching someone else play (because I’m bad with actually playing horror stuff myself) and had a couple of thoughts. It was Claire A and Leon B, just for reference. I don’t know how it differs if you do it the other way around. And of course take this with a grain of salt since, y’know, I didn’t actually play it myself.

First off, I agree with most other people so far. The Sewers aren’t great and that Crane boss fight in particular isn’t good. The section just before the crane fight is really weird too. It just pokes its claw down at you for a while but it’s only on a timer so you just stand still in the right position and it can’t hit you? Weird.

Something specific in Leon B that bothered me (maybe it’s also in A as well, it was a thing in a cutscene) was that when you finish playing as Ada and she gets the piece of metal stuck in her leg the last thing she says is something along the lines of “if only Leon was here” and like… that just feels so deflating. She’s been this badass that saved Leon multiple times and then did cool literal wall hacking and it just felt like it reduced her to kind of a damsel in distress. Also I know the red dress is how it was in the original game but it just feels like the bad kind of silly. Do they at least give her a reason for having that on? Was she going to a party when the outbreak happened?

And one final thing, although this is more a question about the canon (and maybe the timeline?) In Claire A Mr. X gets impaled/absorbed by the other boss (Tyrant, I think?) but then in Leon B, Mr. X doesn’t get killed until later on during a boss fight with him on the funicular during Leon’s escape sequence. So is one of these canon and the other not? Or are there multiple Mr. X’s? And who is/was Mr. X anyway? Who is that big stompy boy?

Anyway, I think that game seems really great. The spookiness seems like it’s not that bad and maybe I can handle it so maybe sometime when I’ve got the money I’ll pick the game up. Something about the idea of replaying it a bunch of times seems really fun to me.