Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)


I started with Leon, and I can confirm that the second thing you mentioned happens in the Leon A campaign as well. Another thing I noticed is that Leon always saves Claire at the Gas Station regardless of who arrives and discovers the scene first. Either Leon will shoot the Zombie sneaking up on Claire as she enters and he exits the Gas Station (Leon A), or he’ll shoot the zombie as she exits and he enters the Gas Station (Claire A).

Ada and Claire are both complete badasses but there are just these little moments that undercut it for… no real reason? It feels bad.

EDIT: I also want to add: the best way to go imo might actually be Claire>Leon because in the B playthroughs each character gets a special handgun that takes a new kind of ammo, and most, if not all, 9mm pistol ammo is replaced by the new kind of bullets. I am not vibing with Claire’s new pistol at all and prefer her starting gun, but theres literally no ammo for it. it sucks!


I’ve just started Claire’s Mission B and man… it just throws you into it doesn’t it? Tyrant is pretty much there from the start. However, I think I’m getting better at evading him. Wearing headphones helps a lot because you can pinpoint the sound in relation to his character. Also I realised that he can’t enter the safe/save rooms (anywhere where there is storage box and a typewriter). I’m basically making pathways through the station stopping off at each safe room. However, any area that has lickers, I actively avoid. I’m hoping acid rounds are still super effective against them.

Just a couple of points:

  • I’m a little confused by how the missions coincide with one another. Since they basically both start at the door of the police station and don’t have the preamble through the city like the original. I feel Leon would take a little longer to get there and Claire would have been stuck outside the longest but it only feels like 2 minutes…
  • The crane fight - basically this is partly a throwback to the original game. You’d fight him usually on the way down to the lab. Before the fight he’d smash his arm through the roof of the cable car, which the prelude was trying to recreate.
  • The whole Ada/Leon exchange did feel a little redundant. The only reason it’s there is because it was in the first game.
  • I really like Claire’s .45 revolver - it’s better for dropping zombies quickly, especially when Mr X is on your tail. I’m liking the greande launcher a lot more though. Where there have been large groups of zombies I’ve just been burning them with a single shot. Feels good man. Just picked up the Uzi as well and picked up a silencer? I know the lickers react to sound, but I wonder if anything else does? Certainly will make those corridors on the West ground floor easier to pass through.

  • Another tip, let sleeping zombies lie. There are a lot of them just lying on the floor, if you shoot them, then they’ll come back alive. If you leave them alone, you’re good.
  • There’s a note in the Stars office weapons locker supposedly from Chris. I read it the first time round and felt Chris came off as a blatant a dude bro, living it up in Paris and hanging out with babes - which was never my understanding of the character. I read it again on the second time through as Claire and she comments that it doesn’t sound like Chris at all. Could this be a ruse? Might be setting things up for a sequel. I wonder if it’ll tie into the story of RE7 in any way? Where Chris is an agent for umbrella?


Anyone try out the extra scenario(s) yet? Wanted to get through my thoughts on them:

The 4th Survivor scenario is fucking wild. Took me so many tries but I just barely beat it this morning. Nothing in the regular campaigns felt as hard as this single mode, honestly. It’s fascinating though, that since enemy placement is the same each time, you pick up on the miniature routes you need to take and the contingencies to keep to make it to the end. Couple that with how it tracks your best time and it’s almost like the mode inadvertently trains you how to speed-run!

Tofu’s scenario, oddly enough, felt easier due to 1.) Being chockful of knives, and 2.) How said knives work as defense items. I had 4 of them left by the end of my run…which happened to be my first go at it, right after finishing Hunk’s! I’ll have to dig into the other Tofu characters this week.

Also, to add to the Ada/Claire stuff: They both definitely deserve better than Leon, who comes off completely as a naive robot boy scout of a man. Ada rightfully won’t take any of his shit (it makes more sense to read her “Where’s Leon when you need him” line as exasperation at not being able to use him at that moment, even though that runs right into her femme fatale trope), till the very end…and it definitely seems like poor Claire is kinda hitting on him, especially in the true ending??? Bleeeeh.


Seeing some confusion about the timeline of the game, so I’m just gonna post my interpretation. I don’t think the different paths & timelines are supposed to line up perfectly. I’ve viewed the game as a sort of expression of what happened and less a totally literal retelling. What I think is important to take away is that they were both at one point, in Raccoon City dealing with their own issues and they didn’t cross paths much. The game doesn’t seem concerned with making each little detail make sense, it just wants you to understand that.

Also @Lastly in regards to Mr. X and your questions, they are all, to my understanding, answered outside the game in other RE media. He is a Tyrant (think Nemesis from RE3). Umbrella made Tyrants with the goal of making a more intelligent bioweapon. Mr. X was deployed into Raccoon city to test his ability to follow complex orders. He had the job of, killing all the Raccoon City police officers, and recovering the G Sample.


Yeah having the different orders you could do them in wasn’t to have them line up perfectly, the story playing out differently was part of the point. Claire A Leon B is the “canon” series of events and the remake seems to stick with that.

The Tyrant was the end goal of the T-Virus (it’s what the T stands for :smiley: ). All the zombies you see in RE1 are failed attempts at creating a Tyrant.


Fun fact about Tyrants.

Part of their construction is that they are SUPPOSED to be able to not stand out THAT much if deployed in public. At the very least they shouldn’t be immediately be clocked as a monster.

Which is hilarious when you consider their design’s are really only one of two

  1. Giant fucking monster

  2. This dude


those glasses are a choice


Umbrella Employee A: “How do we make people think this GIANT MONSTER isn’t a giant monster???”

Umbrella Employee B: "Ok now here me out…

Martian cosplay"


I spent about 20 minutes on that crane sequence. It’s significantly easier as Claire because her SMG is really good at picking off that eye on his back. I think as Leon I ended up burning a few magnum rounds on one of the eyes just so I could get him to stand still.


Claire’s SMG might be the best weapon in the game from what I can tell


The SMG good for lickers and dogs in my experience, but I haven’t found it super useful for regular zombies. Is there a hot strat that I haven’t figured out yet?


Mostly I’m just referring to how it tears into stuff that aren’t zombies. The G monsters get LAID out


In my experience, the un-upgraded SMG is very inconsistent with regular zombies but once you get the recoil upgrade it’s easy to put a dozen shots to a zombie’s head. If you’ve got the ammo, I’d still recommend using the handgun for regular zombies and save the SMG for the lickers and bosses.

A certain boss near the end can get dunked so hard if you just unload 50 bullets in less than 10 seconds into its weak point.


I’ve just hit the halfway point for Claire’s Mission B. I think I always had in my head that I prefer Leon just because he gets the magnum and shotgun, but Claire’s weapons are definitely give you more choices. The first boss is so much easier with grenade launcher and machine gun I must have done him within 2 minutes, rather than the elongated way I did it with Leon which required more accuracy over longer sight lines. Also, I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to burn a clump of zombies with a single flame round - like the kerosine from the GC remake but better. Only just realised that the starter pistol also has enhanced rounds.

In terms of story, the bit in which you play as Sherry in the Orphanage was much better than playing as Ada. Never thought Resident Evil would include an evade the child abuser section. Definitely a new dimension to the series. Though it’s basically rips off the Shining in it’s own goofy way. Oh and when William Birkin met Tyrant, my inner 10 year old was cheering.


I haven’t played this game, although when I was a kid I watched my brother play the original. Never got around to doing it myself. Anyway, I’m very attracted to this game because it seems pretty short, that’s cool.


As bad as Ada’s segment was, I really prefer it to Sherry’s. Stealth segments in games without stealth mechanics should have died a long time ago.


I’m really loving RE2 and I think it’s kind of the perfect mix of classic survival horror with some modern conveniences. From a distance, I also really love just how god damn stupid the entire thing is.

Man, I better gather up all these exotic keys and esoteric pieces of art in order to find a way out of this place… oh shit better board up this wide open window first.


One thing I found out early on in Claire B was that the SMG is much better at taking out legs with a quick burst than headshotting (at least with my aim). I wish I had known this in Leon A because I missed hella headshots with good ol’ Matilda.


They need to make this Claire’s trademark method of combat in all cutscenes from now on. It was how she rolled in Code Veronica as well because of how super powerful the knife is because it does several “hits” of damage as it passes through an enemy in that game. So that was the idea with Claire there too, with good timing you slash at the zombie’s knees as they approach, then you do a regular slash as they fall and if you time it right their head falls into the slash and it instantly kills them. Way better than the insane amount of hits it would take with the knife in the PSX games. :smiley:


The SMG is pretty flexible, and uses a separate ammo type that’s easy to stockpile, so it’s ideal as a backup when you don’t have enough 9mm rounds to down a dude, or don’t have a knife to properly kill one, or what have you. BUT, if you’re reasonably efficient with your ammo, you won’t need a backup, and it’s basically never the right tool for the job.

So, personally, I would just skip it. Especially on Route-A, where it’s a much bigger detour, and double especially on Hardcore, where inventory space is so precious. Frees up more gunpowder for acid rounds, anyway.

The knife in this game has a kind of similar effect. It does damage whenever the swing is inside an enemy, with what looks like an internal cooldown of a few frames. If you have a high framerate, it can hit a bunch of times in one swing, and does absolutely ridiculous dps. Only really relevant for bosses though, because of how zombies work.