‘Resident Evil 4’ Didn’t Need a Remake, But This One’s Brilliant Anyway

Remaking Resident Evil 2 made sense. That game feels like an artifact of history. Resident Evil 3 did, too. That was a bad game that could’ve benefited from a retry. (The remake was also bad.) Resident Evil 4 was a masterpiece then—and still slaps. Why, then, remake it? 

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RE3Make deserves more respect on its name for being the best incarnation of Jill in the series. AND for being a delightfully B-horror experience which was priced accordingly and didn’t use non-union actors for the main cast.

I’ll start saying more mean things about RE2Make I swear to god.


AMEN. Even claiming the OG RE3 was a bad game is a take that is just wild to me. RE3Make and the original are good games whose only “failing” is trying to do something different from what came before, and executing that new vision pretty well in my opinion. RE3 may not be to someones taste, but slamming it because of that is just a weak criticism.


RE3 (2020) is the closest a video game has gotten to the original The Terminator, which is one of my favorite movies ever. Whatever its failings, perceived or otherwise, it is an excellent simulation of getting chased by an unstoppable killing machine.

But back on topic, I am so glad RE4 (2023) is getting such glowing reviews. Next Friday cannot come soon enough!


RE3 remake has two crucial flaws with it; first there is a specific scene which feels like an absolutely blatant exploration of someone’s particular kink that feels really out of place, and second it removed the Delorean that was present in the original and is therefor objectively worse.

RE3 gets a lot of flak because it trades awesome gothic horror for more mundane pedestrian environments and because it really loses the thread with its own internal logic. It’s been a long time, but I still remember the moment where RE3 lost me way back in the PSX days. I was running around the city, collecting embossed badges so I could place all three of them on the pedestal of a statue at the governor’s mansion. It was your classic, esoteric RE puzzle stuff, a grand and bespoke piece of elaborate clockwork dreamt up by an unstable mind to hide their horrifying secrets. Then you finally get the last badge, you insert it into the pedestal, it slowly turns around to reveal a secret compartment and you get… a car battery.

I get that RE has never made sense and the Spencer mansion is a huge joke, but it’s a joke that takes itself seriously. You want an elaborate three piece puzzle to hide the entrance to your secret biohazard murder lab? Exquisite. You want to scatter keys across the entire downtown area to hide a Sear’s special die hard battery? Why?