'Resident Evil 4's Yellow Boxes Are Not A Betrayal, They're A Symptom

Following the recent release of a demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, some fans of the series became frustrated with a detail that might seem innocuous to most: the bright yellow paint covering the game’s breakable boxes. 

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Is there a group of people harder to satisfy than gamers?

Come on people, it’s a fictional construct. Why are these boxes covered in yellow? I don’t know man, why can’t Leon climb over this knee high downed tree? Why can’t this rocket launcher take care of this locked door? Who the hell is making 50 gallon wooden barrels to store ten bullets? Why is this village full of enough ammunition to supply a militia, yet everyone is poking me with farm tools?


Why are all the red barrels explosive? Why does magic green shit drop out of enemies in so many games that recovers my health? Who cares?