Resident Evil Village: Big Woman Edition

RE7 is sooo dumb and I love it for that. It’s a different kind of dumb camp that the series hadn’t experimented with before. I hope Village continues the design policy of being willing to kill the player just so they learn something about the level or the set-piece, which allows them to avoid or subvert that trap when they try again. RE7 was refreshingly self-aware that it was a slightly clunky first-person horror game, something that I didn’t expect from Capcom.

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I really enjoyed Resident Evil 7, having never played any of the previous RE games. I found the first two thirds of the game really engaging and fun, and while the final third was not my style, I think it’s still worth the time

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Falling apart at the climax is a classic RE problem. I can’t think of any RE game that doesn’t lose itself to escalation. Having creepy shambling monsters is great and all, but video game logic demands that the challenge and variety increases so you’re eventually fighting giant bosses and finding yourself in increasingly absurd locations.

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Too much fanart of the sexy lady are giving her skinny arms and I, for one, do not respect that cowardice.

I’m debating watching LPs of Resident Evil 5/6 just to get the story, I’ve only played 0-4, and then 7, but this one looks like it’ll have a bit more of the old characters than 7 did. Or I could buy them, I guess, I think my local game trade place always has copies in the discount bin for like… $3.


5 is cartoonishly racist but otherwise a fairly functional RE4 sequel so if you dug that game then it will at least be enjoyable to play. I cannot under any circumstances recommend 6 because it’s 30 hours of barely functional action punctuated with cutscenes where characters introduce themselves and do a cool thing and that’s the plot. Definitely worth watching someone else play instead.

If you have someone willing to play through 6 with you in co-op, then I would say it’s worth it. Some of that game’s shoddy bullshit needs to experienced with company.

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RE5’s blatant awfulness is really tough to stomach. I can’t recommend stomaching more or less any of it, save the one QTE where if you fail Wesker does a running flip over you and snaps your neck one handed. Besides that, the story of RE5 can basically be inferred from common sense. The less said about 6 as a game the better.


You know what, I lied. There is one thing about RE6 that needs to be said, and the fact that this is the single part of the game that has stuck with me for all these years should tell you everything you need to know about the game as a whole. The game has, bar none, the worst brightness adjustment menu ever divised.

You see that? No matter how much you tweak the settings, the number 6 will always be perfectly visible. I did my best and set it to as dark as it could go, and the game was unplayably dark. Not “I can’t see in this dark and spooky hallway” dark, but “I can’t see the god damned UI” dark.


I don’t know about anybody else, but no matter the game, I always set the brightness to high because dark is too scary and I like to see things.


If you want a streamlined evolution of RE4’s mechanics and non-stop quipping, then Shadows of the Damned is the real RE5 for you.

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I’m looking forward to this game. Kind of looks like they are channeling some of the vibes from Resident Evil 4, which is strange since they’re also remaking that. My only question is whether this game will have VR support? Resi 7 was great on VR but I don’t think I want to play this on a PS4 as it seems like it’ll be best on PC and next gen consoles.

I would skip Resident Evil 5 and 6 unless you can play them co-operatively. I never finished 6 because it was just too much game.

The first two thirds of 7 are great. The first person perspective really adds to the smaller scale old school vibe of the game, of being stuck in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house but it then descends into action schlock and becomes progressively worse as it goes on. I do think it was perhaps conceived more as a VR game first, especially the final boss. I think the moulded encounters are indicative of the game’s limited reach on VR.

I do think most Resident Evil games get worse as they go on if we’re being completely honest. They’re so good at placing you into a situation whether it’s the mansion, the police station, a distant European village or the Baker residence, but as soon as all the labs come into it by the end it never feels as good or as scary. Location is so important to these games. Which is why I have such high hopes for 8.

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I just want to come out and say, RE6 is fine! It’s fun! The lore stuff is ridiculous, but I made the decision to never take any lore seriously if it’s clear that the creators don’t. I wouldn’t recommend playing it straight through, because you have to redo sections as different characters throughout, and that can be kind of repetitive. But yeah, from an art direction perspective you can see this as a step on the way to RE7. The lighting is moody and dark, and the game isn’t afraid of getting calm and quiet. Before RE7 came out I only played RE4 for the Wii, so I didn’t have any context for they hype and disappointment when I played RE6 last year, so that may have something to do with my enjoyment of the game. Also, I never really played that many third person shooters, so I never had third person shooter fatigue. So, yeah, ymmv.

Also (spoilers for maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a video game) When the first campaign opened with Leon saying “I’m sorry Mr. President” before shooting a zombified commander-in-chief in the head I completely lost it. RE6 is a forgettable game in a lot of ways, but I will never forget that moment.

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My biggest gripes with 6 were the plot being completely forgettable beyond “president evil” and some bizarre evolution of the action mechanics. 4 and 5 had a simple, understandable combat flow with a handful of predictable options. You kneecap someone or hit them in the head, they get stunned and you can melee them. This knocks back close enemies, and in 5 gave your partner an option to combo off of it. Some enemies had armor covering these spots and you had to adapt. It gave you a lot of options for crowd control and combos for the mercenaries mode.

6 on the other hand expanded on this in a lot of weird, unpredictable ways and it never did a great job of letting you know when or how these moves worked. You get knocked to the ground and now you’re lying prone for a bit and aiming from there. If the enemy is down you can stomp them, stomps to the head are crits but the hit detection is weird and sometimes you’ll overextend and kick their shoulders. A standard melee will change to a back attack if the camera is turned enough. There are hit combos and moves that can only be done in certain conditions. It took a simple and predictable system that was fun and turned it into a janky mess that didn’t do what you wanted half of the time and you didn’t know why. Mercenaries mode was one of my favorite parts of 4 and 5, but in six it became a chore.

So I loosely know the RE plot based on osmosis and watching the first movie. I went and looked at the RE wiki for an hour to see what happens in 7 and I think there needs to be a Lore Reasons Resident Evil episode.

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I wish I liked the art style of 7 and probably 8 more. Everything is so gooey in 7 it’s not pleasant to look at.

Which is, as I understand, the point. But I dunno I like it when I enjoy looking at a thing i’m spending so much time with.

I’ll almost undoubtedly play this, but I continue to be annoyed that RE7 didn’t take the opportunity to make a clean break from the rest of the series’ lore. It was 90% of the way there and then it just… stopped. I guess I understand on some level that its scary to abandon characters that have been around for decades, but I have no doubt that RE could function as an anthology series at this point, or that these new games could form their own continuity, and would be better for it in the long run.

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RE6, WOW, Sherry+Jake’s campaign was good stupid fun and the only one that felt like it was actually built around how the game’s combat was intended to work. I liked the brief intersecting points between the characters and the final battles for each of them were pretty cool but that’s an impressively disjointed game.

I almost didn’t finish it because I remember the consensus on it around when it came out was that Leon/Helena’s story was the closest to classic RE and the best one so I played that first, but it’s by far has the worst designed levels in the game and the pacing of it is bizarre with the constant points where you can’t run, or can run but can’t attack because people are talking. Bleh.

This never even occurred to me and a lot of stuff about that game makes waaaay more sense now. :open_mouth:

I think I’m in the minority with RE7. I liked it a lot overall but even as a massive fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre the middle third or so of the game really dragged. The third act/boat segment was the strongest to me overall, I think partially because you start getting actual answers about the story there too that, to its credits, fits thematically with the opening location.

One thing it did have that I really hate that a lot of old survival horror games do is how the puzzles “work” in the game world. I know this is a stupid thing to get hung up on but like. Marguerite’s section especially had a lot of puzzles where you have to put a thing on a thing to weigh down a thing to permanently unlock a door. But they’re presented in way where it’s like, you could just pull the cord yourself to open the door instead of finding some really special object to place on it?

And that did sort of break the game’s immersion for me because you could feel the heads butting between a highly eccentric but plausible abstraction of a thing you could have in real life Resident Evil puzzle vs. a magical thinking fairy tale Silent Hill puzzle. Both of those are fine and I get why in-game they exist once you learn why everything’s going on towards the game’s end, but it just feels really off while playing it.

I love love love love love all of the sadistic DLCs for RE7 though. They’re perfect and it was cool how each one added some actual insight into the characters in a way I wasn’t expecting through how they play instead of just from info dumps.

Have ya’ll noticed that EVERYONE seems united in loving this new direction for RE?

Like the queer folk obviously love it, but ‘gamers’ also seem to be loving it as well.

The one game to unite everyone.


Mmmm, I’m really glad they’ve seemingly found a new identity for the series that genuinely works for just about everyone.

Personally, I kinda wish they were still third-person… Primarily because I’m too easily scared to get along with first person horror games all that well :sweat_smile: But artistically? Couldn’t be happier.

I think it helps a lot that they look really good and play very well. The RE engine might be one of the best in the industry right now.


Capcom’s on a roll with that, the MT Framework was a similar definitive step up last gen imo too.

I was surprised how well it translates to the classic RE1/2/3 style camera. This isn’t an official thing but just looking at how well this works in this state it would definitely be possible to do a real old school style RE game in the engine even beyond the RE2 remake. :open_mouth:

If you play on PC, there are over the shoulder mods for it too to make it control like the RE2 remake but I’m not sure how playable that is. I feel like it would either make it a pain or incredibly easy hehee

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