Resident Evil Village Spoilercast

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Exclusive image of Patrick Klepek’s RE boss persona:


honestly, I’m so glad that lady d is a pretty ineffective part of the game, cause I actually hate that stalking mechanic. I wasn’t interested in playing re8 but now I’m going to knowing that it isn’t a big deal

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Thank you for asking the question that was burning in my mind the whole time I played this: “who the FUCK cares about Ethan Winters!?” To me he reads like a more bland/unfunny version of Leon, at which point you have to wonder why he’s a new character at all?

Resident Evil bosses vs Metal Bosses makes me wonder who Organization XIII could compete fairly against.


Lots of people like and care about Ethan Winters. I love his doofus himbo attitude towards everything, it’s funny and charming in the goofiest way possible. In RE7 a cop asks him what he’s doing in an abandoned house where a bunch of people have gone missing and Ethan’s response is to question the cop as to why he’s there. He just told you Ethan, people are missing and you’re one of them, why would you possibly question why he’s around? Head empty king shit right there.

As for why he had to be a new character, it’s really the only way 7 makes sense narratively. Yeah you could ditch the missing wife storyline and come up with a reason for an established character to be stuck in the house, but it’s not something they would be unprepared and unequipped for. Any of the main RE crew would not enter a mysterious possible bio weapon house without being armed and they wouldn’t be as frazzled by everything. If Leon ran into the Baker family it would just be more of the same, you need a character who is unnerved and confused by the situation for the terror to stick.


When they were briefly talking about the MGS vs RE villain bracket and had been like “Cado, make a note of this” or whatever, Austin then went on to wonder “there must be another series that has the same genre of campy-boss villain to go in the bracket?” or something to that effect.

Right after he posed that question, I accidentally and unknowingly flipped to the next pod in my queue which was a few seconds into the intro theme of a Sangfielle episode, the current season of Friends at the Table. It lined up so perfectly that I REALLY believed Cado, as a another FatT fan, had dropped a clip of the intro theme into the RE spoilercast as a way of answering Austin’s question with Austin’s own work. I smiled to myself in pure joy as I entered the elevator of my building. Then looked down at my phone to realize I had bamboozled myself.


I have no interest at all in playing Resident Evil games but I eat up the lore all day. A lore reasons where Waypoint just talks about the lore of not only the Resident Evil games but the movies as well would be *chefs kiss*.

As an aside every time I get the acast ad telling me that 90% of podcast listeners take direct action based on what they hear I sit there and chuckle over the idea that acast is calling me out for not buying something I have no interest in. Also I want to see how they’re collecting that metric because that sounds grossly miscalculated lol. Not to mention if you’re out here telling me a listener of podcasts about your business model instead of a normal ad because you didn’t have an ad to run what does that say about you as a marking company?

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Do we factor Revengeance bosses in with the other Metal Gear bosses?

i would argue that moreau ‘does machines’, in that he likes to watch tv

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There are many videos about Resident Evil 6, but here is one about what happened in terms of its mixed reception. Resident Evil 6 - What Happened? - YouTube
It’s not from someone with intrinsic knowledge of everything in the series and playing through RE6 to point out the faults. It’s more about the development decisions that lead to the bombastic and bloated campaigns and the context around some of the negative public response.

I am definitely an Ethan respecter. Leon and Chris are cops, but Ethan is the kind of idiot who demands a cop give him their gun. Very different vibes. Plus, I like that Ethan is extremely persistent while also not understanding any of this. He rolls with the punches, but while muttering ‘what the fuck’ under his breath.

The conversation with Eveline at the end is basically “dude, you can reattach hands and legs with a bit of juice what did you think you were?” and you just couldn’t get that with Leon.

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Some throughs on Ethan’s healing and what we could see in the next game:

So, now that we know that Ethan is a mold being of some kind, and his limbs can be cut off and reattached with ‘healing fluid’ (note that seemingly no-one else in the game uses this), we should ask ourselves - what are Ethan’s clothes? When Lady D cuts off his hand, Ethan not only heals the hand but the jacket as well. Is the jacket part of Ethan? If so, was giving Chris his jacket Ethan’s way of escaping the explosion? If so, was it a conscious act or an unconscious one? Can he re-grow from that jacket, given enough time?


It’s a little know fact the umbrella brand healing liquid is also a fantastic garment glue.

I don’t make much of the jacket thing. Ethan’s healing abilities are vague at best, he can survive having his heart ripped out Kano style but he can’t regrow two fingers despite dousing them with healing goo all the time. I also don’t make much of the fact that no one else in game uses it. Jack taunts Ethan by giving him a bottle when he cuts his leg off to reattach it. When you play as Mia in 7 she uses it and it’s obviously everywhere as you find it lying around in both Louisiana and fake Romania. It’s just a game contrivance thing. It’s why the game has bullets and shells everywhere but no one uses a gun, even Heisenberg’s huge metal army is all melee weapons.

The sleeve bit I chalk up to two things, one it was probably way easier to not make a second model and two, it’s just funny. I cackled when his hand went back on sleeve and all, it’s just so silly. There’s no way the people who animated that didn’t know it was going for humor. The jacket thing to me was just a nice touch for Rose to show up as an adult wearing the same jacket. Also hey, dude is walking to his grave and it’s cold as hell, the baby needs something to keep her warm.

Narratively it just gets too weird if his clothes are his body. I can just barely buy a world where Ethan doesn’t know he’s living blue cheese and somehow creates viable sperm but I’m sorry I can’t buy a world where Ethan just automatically generates his clothes off of his own flesh and doesn’t know it. Ethan my have a vacuum between his ears but even he would realize that’s he’s never bought a single piece of clothing and that when it rains he just suddenly has a jacket. Besides if we believe the figure in the epilogue is actually Ethan and not capcom trolling he clearly didn’t need the jacket to regrow himself.


It was brought up near the end of the episode that Resident Evil 1 was first imagined as a follow up to Sweet Home, and it reminded me of the japanese RE1 trailer that had remixed Sweet Home music