Resources on the Games Industry and Dev Studios

Documentaries, books, podcasts, articles, particularly informative Wikipedia articles. Anything on the Games Industry, particularly individual dev studios and teams. Indie, AAA, anything.

GDC’s YouTube channel has a lot

Jon Burton of Travelers Tale fame has a YouTube channel where he talks about former projects

Ahoy does great documentaries

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GDC’s videos have been so informative. And Ahoy’s Iconic Arms series is why I subscribed to them initially. I think a lot about the semiotics of weapons in media, and that series is a great source of documentation on the kinds of weapons that we see in games, and why.

Found this thread full of mostly free documentaries.

For podcasts, Steve Gaynor has one and so does Soren Johnson - developers talking to developers about development and the industry.

There’s lots of us around so follow some Twitterers (or even a Mastodon instance just for game devs) and start building up those blog links (expect some of them to go dormant for quite a while when things are busy; plenty of them never explicitly mention who the author works for so there may be a bit of searching for the subject matter first and only later realising who the author is). Whatever topic you want to talk about or find info on: someone is probably out there to offer advice or who has already covered it and written up what they did. Look for forums and other communities and find somewhere you like.

Into the more technical areas, GDC has been mentioned but there’s also SIGGRAPH if you’re closer to the rendering side. It’s never a boring evening when you’ve got something from the Advances in Real-Time Rendering course to read. You can usually find links to just about all the papers and so on each year which can really help see what everyone is talking about (or was talking about if you go back to read some archives).

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What’s your twitter?

I just remembered that TwitchOffice has some great, relevant content.

Animation Exchange Twitch Talk
Mar 20, 2018

Womxn in Games Conference 2018
Mar 17, 2018

Twitch Talks with Jason Yu about the music from Zelda!
Apr 13, 2017

Twitch Talks (a lot): Animation Exchange!
Feb 28, 2017

TwitchOffice is extremely underrated and very informative and useful. Here’s 24+ hours or great content.

And here’s a podcast.

Apparently we don’t have a Mafia III thread yet and I haven’t finished the game yet so I’m not really qualified to kick off that but this seemed like the next best place to post this article I just came across from Nathan Cheever a world designer who’s worked on things like Turok, the unreleased Prey 2 and most recently Mafia III.

He’s written up a few blog posts about his work and the one that caught my attention was about some of the design decisions of the world of Mafia III and cut content.

Bumping because GDC put out a lot of really good videos over the last week!

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