Respawn's New VR Game - Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

As a fan of VR stuff, this looks pretty neato. I like how it looks and feels tonally like that original PS1 era Medal of Honor game, sticking with the French Resistance angle, and letting you do a bunch of cool things outside of just shooting dudes.

What ya’ll think?

I think I have a Valve Index and I wish I could give Oculus my money and play some of these cool games they have locked down exclusives for.

Have you tried modding? People modded Fallout 4/Skyrim to work with rift when it was exclusive to Valve’s device.

I’m not gonna spend money on games I wouldn’t be able to get official support for. Also, Oculus Home updates in the past have broken the Revive mod to get Oculus games to work on Valve’s headsets and I think it’s very possible they deliberately break these mods as they get more aggressive with exclusives.

I like the bit about throwing a cooking pot at a Nazi.


Useless observations:

  1. The studio that spent a few years making games to directly compete with Medal of Honor are now making a Medal of Honor game

  2. Looking at this game reminds me of old-school Battlefield/Call of Duty/military shooters, where it feels weirdly fun and spunky? boom boom* “yay I explodeded the Nazi with a bazooka”
    That whole era of shooters still comes across as vaguely problematic, given that real-life armed conflicts are rarely ever fun, bombastic, or a romp.


And at the beginning I thought, we would actually play as someone else in WW2 than another US Army guy. But I hoped for too much.

I don’t have any experience with the medal of honor series, does anyone know to what extent they engage with antisemitism/Nazi ideology more broadly? I’m really excited to see more large scale cames coming to oculus, hopefully it will help VR reach a broader audience, but on a personal level I tend to be put off by WWII games that aren’t really willing to engage with the politics in their setting.

It’s funny you should mention point #1, because Vince Zampella and Jason West first teamed up at EA to make the Medal of Honor games in the first place. They left EA, formed Infinity War, and then made Call of Duty. Vince is just looping back around again.

CoD 1-3 and the MoH series were the reasons we had that whole discourse about “are there too many games with Nazis as the bad guy?” back in the day, precisely because they were Acceptable Targets that your game didn’t need to waste any time setting up a narrative justification for the conflict.

I didn’t play all of them myself, so some might have transcended that a little bit, but they were definitely not akin to, say, the MachineGames Wolfensteins as far as engaging directly with Nazi ideology.

I’m willing to try any game Respawn makes.

(but mainly Titanfall 3).

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New Preview up. Looks like a neat game. The tonal weirdness does sound strange tho.

Yes, that does create a souring dissonance, the reverence toward our veterans vs the jolly old adventure tone of the game. On the other hand, it’s not any further than Medal of Honor has gone before in keeping with its roots as part of Spielberg’s 90’s WWII phase. It’s just doing the same thing Band of Brothers did but now we actually care about games meeting that tone and level of respect instead of the bad old days of early 00s gamer forums that could care less about tone. Critically though, back at the turn of the century MoH got a pass as critics conceived it to be an acclaimable example of effective storytelling in the medium both because the technology of the time and how the criticism of the games hadn’t advanced to its present level.

Speaking of critique, holy shit they got Michael Giacchino back! If there’s one part of the Medal of Honor franchise that has earned it in all regards it’s the music Giacchino has made for it. I don’t know about you but I remember being caught by the strikingly sorrowful music that honestly distracted from middling somewhat poorly planned level in Arnhem.

Anyway, I’m here for it. I could go for a light Nazi killing romp with pulpy charm where we have much better technology to work toward the aesthetic goals the original franchise couldn’t beyond still amazing music–Seriously, go listen to all the work he put into each games version of the theme song–even if it’s going to ask no questions about war, glorify it a bit too much, and have that just detectable soupcon of American jingoism.

Just make a version that isn’t VR. Till then I’ll watch someone’s longplay.

Also, since I’m on this spree, that first modern day Medal of Honor has something to it. Someone should do a retrospective on just that game.