Retro Consols (Gamecube?)

I’ve been toying with buying a GameCube again for a long time now, and I think I’m ready to make this relationship official. But, where do I buy this thing?

I’m looking on Gamestop and they seem to have good prices on GCs and games, but I’m still hesitant about buying one, worried that it’ll be in poor condition.

Does anyone have reliable experience buying older consols? There are some pretty good old school brick-and-motor game stores in my city, so I might try one of those, but has anyone had a good experience buying older consols online?


The question is if you are buying a Gamecube for aesthetic reasons (legit!) or just to play the games. Because if it’s the latter, grab a Wii and be done with it. Better yet, rip the discs to your computer and enjoy the wonder that is the Dolphin emulator.

But if it’s the former, I think you are fine buying a used Gamecube. Those things are rock solid as far as disc based consoles go. As long as you can get the seller to demonstrate a game running on it before buying, then you’re good. The harder part is finding controllers that aren’t completely gross. :nauseated_face:

(Note, I might be slightly germaphobic.)


I am buying one for 99% I Want To Play Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Again and Again (and probably Baten Kaitos) reasons…

So, Dolphin is probably the way? I’ve always been hesitant to get emulators, concerned they’ll come with whatever kinds of viruses, but the Dolphin’s pretty legit?

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Dolphin is pretty legit.

I recently bought a used Gamecube from Goodwill’s online auction storefront thing. They have a lot of older consoles come through there and you can get them pretty cheap. The one I got came with a Wavebird and a few games. All I needed was the AV cable and it worked perfectly. If you do want to buy one you can always start looking there. (ETA Though not all of them are tested and guaranteed to work, so it might be a risk.)

Of course, I wouldn’t dissuade you from buying something from a local store. My local retro game store is pretty nice and packed with cool old stuff (for a slight markup over buying it online).


Provided you download emulators from the original development group’s site, or one blessed by them, you should be ok for viruses. Emulators themselves are open-source, legal projects that are as legitimate as any other open-source app. The risk of viruses comes from downloading illegal game roms from shady websites, but even in those cases the risk is minimal. In any case, the safest and most ethical way to emulate games you already own is to rip them yourself, although in the Gamecube’s case you may need to purchase a specialized drive to get it done.

So what does all this work get you? Well, the Dolphin can upscale games up to 1080p, has abilities to reduce aliasing and increase framerate, and if you’re not a fan of the Gamecube controller (a position I don’t hold but many do), you can use an Xbox or PlayStation controller instead. Also, there are USB adapters if you do want that legit controller experience.

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Thanks! This is super useful. I think I’m leaning towards buying a console from a local shop, unless it’s easy to find a drive to rip GC discs. Time for some research, because despite the convenience of just buying a console, the Dolphin does sound great.

There is a thread on the Dolphin forum that lists some of the drives that work and gives instructions on how to rip the discs. I’ve been meaning to try it out myself, but haven’t actually gotten around to it.

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Thanks! Thanks thanks