'Returnal' Is a Gorgeous And Fun Sci-Fi Shooter, But an Awkward Roguelike

I definitely feel like I’m improving slightly, but my personal “Yay I’m improving!” curve is being rapidly outpaced by my “I don’t like this game enough to warrant this blood pressure reading” curve. I’m not a real big Souls fan though, so YMMV.


If you don’t mind dying a bunch, I think so. But it depends why you don’t play those games. Do you just not like them?

I’ll say that Gungeon is my favorite roguelike and I love this.

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I’m not sure how to answer that, because I think my experience with Returnal was unique, even for me. I had a database copy at work that I had to babysit all night on Friday, so I basically got 10-12 hours uninterrupted to play. I, of course, didn’t play for that time straight. i did have to take breaks, because it can get very intense. But, I feel like I had time to really settle into the game. If I hadn’t had that unbroken time, I’m not sure I would have stuck with it. But I did, so I feel like I got lucky enough to get hooked and found the things I really like about the game to keep me going.

I doubt that helps you with your decision, but here we are.


Another note though is that I’ve beat Gungeon a bunch of times, and built the bullet for every character.

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I think I’m just lacking in some of the reflexes and mechanical skill these games require, enough that, when I come up against a wall, I can’t quite latch on to the feeling of incremental progress that keeps me going in something like Souls or Celeste/The End is Nigh/Dead Cells/etc. Like it’s just locked a bit beyond my reach. I don’t have a ton of experience with them in general, which is probably partially why. But on the roguelike side I genuinely do tend to enjoy them even if I never finish most of them — it’s just that most of them haven’t required this kind of investment to try out.

Appreciate the thoughts. I think I’ll end up giving it a try eventually but might try to get through some of my backlog first. Maybe use Pokemon Snap to lower my blood pressure a bit first.


That’s where I’m at. Like…I think I will probably enjoy this, even if I end up not being very good at it? But…$70 is a lot to spend on something that I might like, especially with Sony’s refund policy. I really wish there was a demo of some kind. So…I will wait until it comes down in price and then take a look - hopefully by that point, they’ll have patched in at least some sort of ‘save and quit’ option.


This offer’s a bit out there but if anyone would like to try the game via share play and get a little demo session that way I would be happy to let you give it a go. My PSN name is also jackissocool so if you send me a request saying “Returnal demo” or something I’ll let you try it when our schedules like up.

This is also the best way to play War of the Monsters online, by the way.


I appreciate the offer! I think for now, I’ll just hold off until either a price cut or an update that allows mid-run save and quit functionality outside of rest mode - I’ve got no shortage of games to play in the interim, especially with the Mass Effect remaster just one week out, which will definitely take up a fair amount of time. I’ll definitely be monitoring things with this game, though. Seems like they’re on to something really cool, but there’s just a few too many caveats for me to jump in for the time being.

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