Returning to Destiny 2 after getting the collectors edition cheap

So i got the game for free on battlenet a while back, ground out the public events on earth until level 20 (I really wanted that force lightening and wasn’t going to leave until i got it) then blasted through the story until it was done.

I’ve got a power level of 265 and mostly just been hanging on Nessus for a few hours after beating the story but got tempted to pickup the collectors pack cheap and now have returned completely lost and confused.

  • All my lengardy gear is lower power than the blue items dropping everywhere now
  • I’m working through the osiris DLC but seem under power for most of the final NPC’s of the missions even though i’ve got hte power level to enter them
  • should i just go do public events for 20 hours until level 50?
  • I have three legendary guns and a super rad helmet that at power level 20 or something, how on earth do i get these leveled up

I just read somewhere there is a mission or bounty or something that jumps you to power 600+ somehow… Is this true

Should i join a guild? I have no clue and mostly just play solo

I’m sorry if these are the most newb questions ever asked but i tried elsewhere on some discords and either got a ton of abuse about go watch 50 hours of YT videos or booted off the discourse channels

Keep your highest blue items, as they will be the base of what your next drop is, but also keep you Legendaries, because once you start to plateau you can infuse them up to a more useable level. That said Y1 weapons only have 1 perk so often just aren’t that good - and they are all collected in a collection tab, so you can make a new version of any one that you’ve had drop and have dismantled.

In fact the new ones you print from the colection are only 20PL below your current max PL, so it is probably actually cheaper to do that than to infuse them for the time being

Same for the Legendary Guns and Helmets that you mention that are PL20

265 is a touch low for CoO, but you should be able to push through. I wouldn’t do too much general grinding, since both CoO (forge weapons) and Warmind (Sleeper Nodes) have very grindy activities in them that you might want to engage with.

For the full powerleveling, you need the season pass I think, there is a set of bounties with the Drifter, and another quest with Benedict, but I don’t think are available to people without the current season pass.

I’m not in the Waypoint clan, but its meant to be pretty good.

Thanks, I didn’t know about printing old things i’ve disassembled so might go do that with a load of stuff in my bank. The disco helmet for the scorcerer was a fav and is way to low level to use sadly.

I just realised that there are level gatekeeping blocks on items for the most part and because i was stopped at lvl 20 for the game after completing the main story i’m now stuck grinding levels until i can use the higher power gear.

I guess i’ll just have to find somewhere to get XP fast and get that level up as fast as i can. I find destiny 2 a tough game to know what i should be doing and although many say “just have fun” that doesn’t really work when you die constantly to NPC’s without getting better gear.

I know i’ve already screwed up by opening some engrams when i had the base game i’ve seen on YT vids i should have waited until i was max level / power but hey we all learn.

Thanks for the advice, i’ll keep grinding those blues for another 20 levels.

Hi! Make sure if you’re looking for Fireteam member, to check out the Qaypoint discord, as we have a really active couple of clans on there right now!

So, if you just got the collectors edition, you have two big options. Play Curse of Osiris, or you can skip it with the auto-level up item you get from your purchase. Either way, the best strategy to get your XP up is to play all the story missions, and make sure you have a Fireteam Medallion used (you can buy these at Eververse, for Bright Dust). Once you hit level 50, then you can start working towards max light, which you’ll get a boost to 690 if you have the season pass.

Otherwise, until you hit max level, don’t worry too much about the items you’re using. There isn’t much point in trying to keep infusing a gun to a higher level, when that higher level is always going to increase. Go with the flow and try out everything that looks interesting.

Once you’re done the story, then you have access to Weekly Powerful Engrams. By doing specific activities, you going to be able to get Legendary engrams that will be higher than your current power level. Those are going to be your main guides on what to do, at least past where you are now.

Whilst this might be technically true, leveling up is easier than it’s ever been, so I really wouldn’t sweat too much about saving things- especially if it means you have more options to enjoy things along the way.

Personally I much prefer the initial leveling grind in games so I try and make it last as long as possible

While I haven’t started a base character since Forsaken or later content released, in general the best thing to do is to blast through story missions, keeping the highest level gear, blue or otherwise.

Exotics are expensive to infuse at this point, it’s generally a better idea to just pull them from collections once you’re high light, same with infusing blues into legendaries, your best bet is to keep legendaries you like around, and infuse them to high light once you have the resources (also, identical legendaries just cost glimmer to infuse, pick the one with the perks you like).

Best bet to “grind” at points where a DLC mission requires a certain light level is to complete the milestones like flashpoints and strikes, you’ll get a good boost from those.
Note: It’s also slower going on a single character, Destiny determines your reward level in contrast to your highest gear across characters, which means you can power-level alts.

And after you’ve done the DLC stories jump into the discord and join the raid group-ups :slight_smile:
(Not to mention the destiny channel in the discord is a great source of help and clarification)

Technically, only weapons count across characters, so whilst it makes leveling alts quicker, it doesn’t help so much until you’re near level cap

Ah yeah, that’s a fair correction.
But yeah once you reach the cap for the high level weapons, Y1 being level 20, progressively ascending to a max of 50 by Forsaken, you can sort of power-level your alt-character’s gear up.
Still think the general power curve is pretty steep in general though, especially now that the cap is 700 something, with some soft caps underneath it.