Reuben Langdon (Dante of Devil May Cry) victim blames; Morrison actor is a White man who makes racist jokes


Hey, since Devil May Cry 5 is kind of a huge deal right now, I felt like you should be aware of this if you haven’t bought it yet because YIKES

(TW: Victim blaming, transphobia, racism, antisemitism, and probably a whole lot of other awful things)

So it turns out the voice of Dante

a) Victim blames the victims of former Funimation voice actor Vic Mignogna
b) Believes that Black Lives Matters and Me Too “go too far”
c) Believes in a racist conspiracy theory called “QAnon” that states Trump is being undermined and targeted by the vague concept of “the deep state” (which of course includes mentions of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros)

And the guy they hired to play supporting character Morrison, who was re-designed from a white man to a black man, was a white man who makes racist and transphobic jokes on his youtube channel.

Oh, and I feel it’s worth reminding everyone that Dante’s theme song from the game (I’m not sure if the version in the final game was played by the same performers) was done by the band Suicide Silence, who’s lead singer tried to get teen girls into sending him nudes.

My thoughts: Video games are bad.


So if Capcom was willing to change the theme’s vocal tracks when pressured am I correct in concluding that the YouTube channel and general public statements/platforms of Reuben Langdon and Joey Camen were either not brought to Capcom’s attention or Capcom was willing to be willingly unaware? How does a story like this break after the fact and not when the game is being developed and people’s involvment is being confirmed?

That second quesion may well be due to my own ignorance of the gaming industry and the fact that I turn off voice acting whenever I can so am personally less likely to be aware of the actors.


Well I found out when I saw these threads that the Dante’s actor believing in a racist conspiracy theory thing?

That’s old news. Like, the fandom has apparently known about that for awhile.

So, uh, I’m gonna guess Capcom didn’t care and it’s doubtful they’ll care now.


I think what I was trying to get to in my questions is whether or not it was fair for me, as one not entirely in the know, to leap to the conclusion you offer: Capcom didn’t care and probably won’t care now unless there is major public backlash. So, great, glad to read that a video game company once again defies expectations.


Guess I won’t be picking up dmc 5 after all. Or is it still okay to pick it up second hand or anything, idk


So, capcom you maybe want to start doing background checks on your VAs now? Although I’m not sure how that second one happens regardless. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt because the turnaround time on getting the vocal track pulled was like, hours but this is some seriously bad shit.


Being into videogames is such a fucking bummer. How can so many shitty people be in charge and involved in making them. It feels like every game released has some sketchy ass shit at this point.


Why do any of us play these things again??

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I’ll say again that I don’t have any interest in shaming people for liking DMC5 or whatever but





This fucking sucks. My experience was kinda soured by its repeated use of “SAVAGE” and the gross way it treats Lady and Trish but this has really made me regret the purchase.

Also, why is no-one talking about how this game has a completely unnecessary Michael Jackson tribute coinciding with HBO’s Leaving Neverland, where two survivors came forward to detail Jackson’s numerous abuses. Who thought that was a good idea?


There are people talking about it (see the threads I linked) but that doesn’t bug me so much because this was a game made in Japan, which probably doesn’t follow US pop culture the same way we do. I doubt they know about the new allegations or the documentary. You could reasonably put that one on ignorance.

But the hiring of the guy they got for Morrison is just…what.


The absolute most charitable reading of hiring that dude for morrison would be they didn’t screen the dude and the character was originally going to be white like in the anime and that they changed him after already casting/recording the VO like what happened with uncharted. Even if all that is case thats still terrible because how do you let it get to that point in the first place and also not look at the youtube channel of the person you hire.


Wouldn’t starting Morrison as white and then changing him to black actually be worse?

Because then that means they decided they didn’t need to recast the character (who was very minor and could easily be recast due to having such few lines), AND they instructed the VA to speak with a different voice.

I like Itsuno’s work, but there’s no denying him and his team have huge blind spots, especially when it comes to women, but tripping up with race wouldn’t surprise me after Trish was in fucking black body in 4.


It’s worth keeping in mind that the development cycle for a game like this is at least 3 years, and this game shipped around the time the abuse scandal was getting back in the news. That content likely didn’t materialize in the 11th hour of production, and removing it would be a big undertaking. Sega had to recall copies of Judgment to replace one actor’s performance, and that’s just for a voice swap and some lip sync touch up.

There’s the point to be made that making any sort of tribute to a known abuser is a bad look, but as aforementioned, different countries likely aren’t going to be tuned into the various scandals of each other’s representative pop stars.


Er, not really. The Judgment character is designed after the actor, the Yakuza team does this a lot (like changing the design of 2’s antagonist for the remake to resemble the new VA). They could very well be planning to completely redo all scenes the character is in with a new actor likeness.


I feel like the reputation of one of the most infamous paedophiles on the planet would transcend both borders and the google searches of Capcom’s writing team, but I do understand what people in this thread have pointed out about this.

Honestly it was weird seeing Dante do a moonwalk regardless of the context. As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, old Dante is 100% a rockabilly guy.


Hey, update, y’all: Joey Camen has removed both videos featured in that forum post on ResetEra from his channel.

Not sure what this indicates.

PS. Calling the shit he was doing in those videos “jokes” is a stretch. Absolute garbage.


Go ahead and buy it. It’s a very good game ass video game and just set the voice settings to Japanese. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have Dante voiced by Sephiroth (Toshiyuki Morikawa)?


Recently saw this as well. Guess I’m glad I already got what I wanted out of the game?

All of that shit is extremely gross, and I guess it took a new interview for this stuff to come up. My first thought about Langdon was “Why haven’t I heard about this?”, but then I remembered that the last time he played Dante was in 2008…

So this is purely speculative, but one possibility regarding why the vocal track changed but there’s no indication of them changing the English VAs is that the vocal track is (I assume) the same in all languages of the game, not just a particular localization. So the folks involved in the decision of changing it could have been an entirely different part of Capcom, despite the English lyrics? Obviously, timing could have been a factor too.

Of course, I’m not trying to be an apologist. It’s shitty, and I don’t actually expect Capcom to care with the game so far beyond release. At least you can swap to Japanese VA?


It’s a god damn shame because this is Langdon’s best performance of Dante by a country mile, but you can’t go wrong with Sephiroth.

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