Reuben Langdon (Dante of Devil May Cry) victim blames; Morrison actor is a White man who makes racist jokes


Guess who did Dante’s mo-cap


Yeah I know, but that wasn’t James Earl Jones walking around in that Vader costume. The guy who was in the costume is a huge UKIP/Leave supporter, but I’m still gonna watch the old Star Wars Trilogy.


But the original trilogy is decades old, and the actor who wore that suit probably isn’t going to benefit from you watching those films again.

If you have DMC5 already, feel free to enjoy it, but if you haven’t, all I’m asking is to ask about what you’re supporting. We all gotta draw a line somewhere and this went well over my line.


I get you and I understand. I’ll publicly shame these two shitheads and Capcom’s casting dept. I just don’t think not buying a game tells a company anything they’ll listen to and the compound effects of low sales affects the development team and in this case a very good development team.


I’m pretty mad about this whole thing.

So, I bought Left Alive. Which was a mistake. That game is unplayable. So my GF, seeing how upset I was that that game was bad, cash app’d me some money… for this. For DMC5.

I bought it. I haven’t started it yet. This has soured it for me. Because Capcom should be held accountable for hiring people who hold these views.

But also I super feel like I’ve wasted both my and my gf’s money.


If you’ve already paid for it well worth playing, the game itself is really good and the money is gone at this point.


Eh, I get it.

Sometimes what you experience outside of a work can poison your enjoyment of it. I have a few games I can’t give a fair shake for similar reasons, like not being able to enjoy Rogue Galaxy because I started it the day I found out that my family was going to lose the house I had lived in for over a decade.


Maybe I’ll play it in a few months. It is already paid for and it’s on my console but yeah… this sucks.


Just to be clear: If this is something that keeps you from buying a game or seeing a movie that’s completely valid. I’m pissed about it as well but for me a game character isn’t the actor who voices or mocaps it but rather is a collaboration by dozens of people (who mostly go unrecognized). Dante isn’t Reuben Langdon’s art, to use a probably poor analogy he’s a… brush?