Revamped Pronouns Selection and Update

Due to the number of issues we’ve been having with the freetext aspect of our pronoun field, we have created the option of drop-down fields for up to three choices of pronouns. Unfortunately, any previous entries of pronouns did not transfer over and will have to be reselected by users.

You can find where to edit under your user profile page by selecting Preferences. It will bring you to the preferences page and on the left-hand side you should see several links, one being Profile. There you will be able to select your preferred pronoun(s). You must click save on the bottom of your profile page for the changes to occur.

We feel this is an improvement to the former system of typing into the box, and encourage anyone who would like to be referred to by their pronouns and/or have their pronouns public on their profiles to utilize this feature. Selecting pronouns is not required, and you may leave that space blank if you prefer.

If you do not see your pronouns on the drop down, please let us know by sending a message to the moderators.

Please remember that Waypoint’s forums are an inclusive place for people of all identities, and we take this very seriously. Discrimination of any kind on this forum is not tolerated.

Thanks so much!
The Waypoint Moderation Team


Have too many people been abusing the freetext pronoun field? :confused:

It has been enough of an issue that we had to look into a solution for it. Abuse, accidental information–we feel it was better to go ahead and address the problem.

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Dang it really sucks its being abused. I find it really handy. It’s always a fight to me to get people to respect my pronouns(She/They) in a lot of spaces and I really appreciate Waypoint having pronouns as such a part of our profiles and information.


Thank you very much for the heads-up, and for being so considerate and caring about this <3

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Not sure if it’s a coaching issue on my end or what, but on iOS here I’m still getting a text box. Entering things into it doesn’t seem to stick, though.

Seeing the same on Firefox desktop.

Hi there,

After you select your pronouns you must hit the save button at the bottom of the page. Please let me know if this is still an issue.

Please hit save at the bottom of the page. Let me know if this does not work.

Refresh your browser, was having the same problem and now it’s fixed.

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As someone who previously had she/they written in i was a little worried about comitting to just one and just wanted to say thanks for including boxes for additional pronouns!


I can’t tell you how much it made me smile being asked for my pronouns instead of gender, thats right when i knew that this place was what i’d been looking for. I’m sorry to hear people have been abusing it.


Was this much of an issue before the GAFers came onboard? I’ve been worrying about this ever since I looked at the “About” section and realized you guys have had +2k users in the past week.

I’d really like to hear from the forum veterans how they feel about our mass arrival.

E: sorry, I know this wasn’t the best place to ask but couldn’t think of a better one.

This thread isn’t the place to gather feelings on the newcomers, and this has been an on-going issue, which is why we’ve had rules in place. The issue is elevated by the increase in users, but it unfortunately isn’t something new, and this will hopefully cut those issues down to 0!

Locking this thread! Please DM the moderators if your preferred pronouns are not in the updated list. Thanks so much!