Revisiting 3d castlevanias


Has anyone done so recently? I’ve been going through the ps2 era ones. I honestly have to say while not the most amazing games ever they capture the spirit of what castlevania is in a lot of ways, involving tons of secrets and optional content, puzzles, back tracking with new power ups.

There is a lot in there to go on, with my favorite being Lament of Innocence personally, due to the cheesy acting and line writing. Also it features Leon Belmont, a man who threatens to kill an entire time of day.


I like both quite a bit but I hate that Curse of Darkness does that mid 00s Japanese game thing where the person’s running animation makes it look like they’re going way faster than they are and also how they made every room in the game is like 500 miles long and high despite how slow you move. After you beat it you can play through it as Trevor Belmont with a different move set as more of a straight action game and it’s almost better that way.


I agree, its why I like lament of innocence better.
It is a straight action game with rpg elements. It feels satisfying to play and I prefer its ost with songs like Dark Palace of Waterfalls. Its a good game, a more ‘appropriate’ castlevania game, but I think lament of innocence is a better all around game.


I was just thinking about doing this last night. I played a tiny bit of the first game, but didn’t get that far in. I love the music, if nothing else.


They’re good games, just give them a chance, most people write them off for some reason, but they’re fun


It doesn’t have a great whip, but Dark Souls is my favourite 3d old-school Castlevania in anything but name. Everything from the deliberate attack timing, to the difficult but distinct enemies, to the gothically inspired enemy designs and the obscure secrets reminds me a lot of the spirit of those NES Castlevania games.
I realise that’s not really the question, I just felt there were interesting parallels to draw there.


hello, just dropping by to say the Lords of Shadow games are actually good and are beautiful messes that I cherish.


The worst thing I can say for the PS2/N64 Castlevania games is that they are utterly forgettable. I watched some playthroughs of them the other week, and despite having played Lament of Innocence and Castlevania 64 to completion, I didn’t recognize anything at all. Even supposedly infamous sections like the exploding bottles in C64 don’t spur even a little jolt of recognition. The only two things I can remember from either of them were a vampire watering roses with blood in 64, and getting a joke item which made rubber duck noises with every step in Lament.


Watching Seadon 2 of the show had me thinking about these games too, so I booted up both Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness tonight.
Played lament for about 45 minutes. The combat is super bland, the camera and perspective are horrible, and the music is very boring. Ended up quitting after a shifty platforming segment.

Curse of Darkness, on the other hand, is kinda rad. The combat has more variety, the familiar system seems neat, you can control the camera, and it has EXP. Ended up sinking a good hour into that one, and I’m gonna keep playing it. Recommended, at least so far.


I will always think C64 owns, especially for a 3D action/platforming game that was being developed in a pre-Ocarina of Time has been released world.


I actually disagree, on the comment of Lament having just played it again the other day to confirm. While it doesn’t have as many tracks as some other games, I think most of them feel pretty different and set a nice tone. In particular the palace of dark waterfalls and ghostly theater

As for the comments on the combat, I actually find it fun, if a bit simplistic. I find the action cathartic and having nice sounds, although there isn’t much impact visually. Then again I’d never say combat has been castlevania’s strong point but exploration and specific challenges within a room.

With modern castlevanias there is also an emphasis on backtracking, secrets, and exploration. While curse of darkness does have a more varied system I think it gets bogged down too much in its crafting and creation mechanics. In order to get everything it requires a ton of work and makes it not particularly fun for anyone who is a completionist due to a lot of it being tedious and requiring stealing from specific enemies during specific attacks for some components.

I say lament actually captures that spirit better, without becoming a grind.


I actually enjoyed the first lords of shadow, despite how rather silly the plot is. It takes a lot from modern games and feels more like a god of war game than anything I’d define as castlevania, but I’d say its not terrible for what it was going for. It has some impressive moments, and cathartic combat… but I’d never really call it a castlevania game. Neither sword, or whip :stuck_out_tongue: