Revived Telltale Is Bringing Back ‘The Wolf Among Us’ For Another Season

Good News: Another season of The Wolf Among Us, a criminally overlooked series from Telltale Games, is coming, with some of the creative leads behind the first season returning. A very short (but evocative) trailer for the new season debuted tonight at The Game Awards.

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I want to get excited for this but I have so many reservations.

First, I hope they don’t make this episodic. The cycle of playing an episode, getting pumped for a new one, bummed when it’s inevitably delayed, and then feeling apathetic once it finally releases has soured me on all episodic content for narrative-heavy games.

Second, I hope they break away from the old Telltale style of gameplay. While I adored the atmosphere of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, “X will remember that” only stays novel for so long.

Third, even though it isn’t the new IP holder’s fault, I still have a bitter taste in my mouth over the fact that the old employees of Telltale where let go without warning.


A few years ago I would have been so excited for this (the original was my favorite Telltale series), but after watching Telltale implode it’s hard to be even cautiously optimistic. The fact that that they’re working with people from the first game is promising, though.

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Fuck Telltale

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Just letting some people know who maybe don’t, Wolf Among Us is based off a propery (Fables) which is created and owned by Bill Willingham who is a long time writer for Breitbart. He is a wretched human being and makes money off every copy sold.


I could only find that he wrote about a dozen entertainment articles for them in 2009. Has he written other crappy things elsewhere?

Edit: oh, no, he does share shitty opinions in those articles. I’m sure as shit not letting him get any of my money.

Yeah, from what I’ve heard those shitty opinions also pop up in the actual Fables comics, which are much worse than The Wolf Among Us might lead you to believe.

solomon grundy want games too

Who thought it would be a good idea to make a game from a series whose author is rabidly pro-Israel (his own words) in the first place?

Fuck everything about this.


Galaxy Brain Bigby
galaxy brain bigby


Video game Bigby is a far more wholesome type of arsehole. Yeesh.

ah fuck

I don’t know why even bother expecting anything else at this point.