‘Rez’ Designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi Wants to Make Magic


Waypoint catches up with the always-optimistic creator at Brighton’s Develop conference.

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Rez Area X is the only thing that has allowed me to see the true power of VR. Let this man do anything he wants.


this so much, and I’ve yet to play it in VR. ; w ;

I was showing my brother REZ (of which I have the Dreamcast, Xbox360 ver at the moment) on his PS4. The original levels were cool and all, but Area X was the perfect blend of Old and Modern REZ.

The way the world would react, bounce, and become fluid was something we both never experienced, but it was a bonding moment that we havn’t had since playing Earthbound back on the SNES. His PS4 has REZ on it right now, and his 2yr old is loving the visuals and the music.

I hope that Tetsuya gets all the monies to make whatever his next dream is.