'Rez Infinite,' Which You Should Definitely Play, Is Now on PC

The best version of one of gaming's modern classics has escaped consoles.

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Rez is GoaT so I’m happy to buy it for the fifth time on this 5th platform (2nd time for the new Infinite content).

I also am interested in how it will scale without needing new ports (8K screens, 4K VR headsets, etc) with this PC version. Sounds like the initial testing is showing it probably can stretch (as you’d hope) and maybe we’ll get better VR from new headsets (with 120Hz panels they can run with internal reprojection from a 60Hz source in the case of Rez classic - something a headset API could potentially do without even needing to change the current PC release or do more that light hacking of the executable).

Edit: Oooh, from the PC announce trailer “Rez Infinite is coming soon for Daydream” - that’s the Android VR solution (now coming with proper positional tracking stuff that Carmack is working on for Oculus/Samsung). Taking a thing out of your bag anywhere which lets someone jump into Rez is an extremely cool thing to have happened in the last 16 year of tech advances.