Ricky Gervais Made To Look Foolish (And Other Instances of People Being Owned in an Interview)


I thought this might have been posted on the site somewhere but I can’t see it. Basically Ricky Gervais had an interview with David Marchese for The New York Times Magazine and honestly I can’t stop cackling at how much Marchese has managed to make Gervais look so foolish here by just letting him talk at length with the occasional interject. What are people’s thoughts? Do people have other examples (written or filmed) of interviewers making someone look (deservedly) foolish?


Remember when comedians just bombed, reworked their material, and then tried again instead of citing ‘free speech’ to legitimate criticism?

All of these comedians, Bill Burr, Ricky Gervais, etc., they all don’t seem to understand the need to adjust to the changing of the times.

I love this vid by Paul F. Tompkins on addressing this:


I’m pretty sure that The Atlantic’s continued employment of David Frum is just a big experiment to see how spineless and disengaged from reality that upper class Democrats actually are.

I would say that his writing owns itself, but I don’t think he’s even the slightest bit self aware for that to be the case.


I should mention OP, that I can’t read your article because I’m not subscribed to NYT.


I was getting that message too and then randomly it worked.


If I’m being honest, I think whatever catharsis that comes from mocking folks like Gervais or allowing them the platform to make a fool of themselves is still, ultimately, giving them a platform they shouldn’t have. Gervais still has a large following and has been granted in the recent past Netflix deals that have allowed him to spread ideas that, whether genuine or not, support an environment where people who actually believe them can feel emboldened.

I don’t fault folks for getting a kick out of this sort of piece and I do believe Gervais and his ilk deserve to be called out on the awful things they have said. Ignoring these people and their audiences all together isn’t necessarily going to solve the problem, though in much the same way I grimace at people quote-tweeting altright shitheads for an easy dunk, this sorta stuff isn’t for me. I would sooner see Gervais denied more platforms than exposed for the fool we already knew he was.


This video is great, thanks for sharing, and thanks to Paul F. Tompkins for being so good.

No thanks to YouTube for thinking this is the shit I want to watch next:


PFT is such an icon. I’m glad (though not surprised) that I’m not the only fan on this forum.


I don’t mind Gervais, but telling me I should be up in arms about it… right, because your perspective on it is so enlightening to me. On the bright side, he won’t have to explain why I shouldn’t be offended. I’m not likely to be offended. Just tired. So damn tired.

I’m talking about cases where people aren’t trans but they’re saying they are to get put into women’s prison where they can rape women.

That isn’t really a thing, is it? Oh, yeah,

I say that genuine trans people should be up in arms about this. I’m very clear that the perpetrators I’m talking about aren’t trans people.


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It changed my life.


The way he went from making excuses for his behavior to saying he felt sorry for Tim Allen was a lot.


I feel like Ricky Gervais’s whole gig has been doing that high voice of his and saying “ooh are you offended? Ooh are you? Does it offend you”.

And I’m just like. “Nah. Now do the dance.”

Couldn’t make it through the first episode of After Life. Just felt like the world from Ricky Gervais’s perspective. Where everyone is a dummy, except for him.