'Ring Fit Adventure' Looks Goofy As Hell And We Can't Wait To Play It

Nintendo announced their latest foray into the exercise space this week, and you know what? We're down! We discuss this wild new contraption and the game that comes with it, Ring Fit Adventure, Austin brings us his thoughts on Daemon X Machina, we have a colonialism double whammy with Iceborne and Greedfall, and Control continues to be a fucking great game. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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Austin vs Rob on the topic of Youtube was honestly incredible. I’m with Austin that we need to do what we can to lift up the people who need it because it’s the only way to spread good content and better creators, but Rob’s point that it’s Youtube’s fucking fault we’re in this position is REAL AS HELL. There is a recent Reply All on the topic in which they explain how we got to this point with The Algorithm and it’s absolutely heinous and Youtube is entirely culpable.


It frustrates me so much how much hate MGSV gets for its story while MGS4 seems to get a pass, or even praise. I’m not going to sit here and say that the bad parts of MGSV aren’t bad, but boy howdy, MGS4 is just chock full of Kojima’s worst impulses turned all the way to 5000%. Quiet is honestly a step forward from how women were treated in 4, but there was never a tweet from Kojima defending the Beauty and Beast squad that became a meme, so I guess history forgot?

Anyway this has been my cathartic venting about how frustrated I get with the Kojima/MGS discourse and my complicated love of that series that I have to do periodically because the Kojima discoure never ends


MGS 4’s is also bad in these ways, but I also don’t love it as a stealth action game, so I’m never in the position of saying “It’s good, but.” Instead, I can just say “I wish MGS4 was better,” and mean that in every way possible.


fucking AGREED. I would admit to being a Metal Gear fan but I like to think I’m not a Metal Gear Fan if you feel me, and MGS4 is by leaps and bounds the absolute worst MG game. It’s mean-spirited and awful and is like one prolonged creator tantrum. I feel like its easy to fixate on the massive Quiet Problem in MGS5 which kind of ignores some of the stuff going on there.

Like… I think the Chip and Ironicus LPs hit the nail on the head when they pointed out that the narrative plot of MG makes no goddamn sense and is a mess… but often the thematic storytelling is very coherent and is saying some interesting stuff. And MGS5 delivered on that.

MGS4 is just a mess though, oh my god.

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The brief foray into ecological theory that Austin took during the MonHun discussion was fascinating—I’ve always had misgivings about the idea that we are somehow separate from nature and the things we do to it, while obviously damaging, should be framed as if they’re coming from some alien, outside place. But I’d never really come across that branch of theory before that actually explores that. I think I found the book he mentioned (Dark Ecology by Timothy Morton?) but I also figured I’d ask if anyone is also familiar with this and has other recs, or even just search terms that might help narrow things down for someone with little familarity with eco-crit.

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To me, MGS4 has one really fantastic moment of Kojima at his full power - the fistfight between Snake and Ocelot - and the rest of it is a big garbage heap of his worst tendencies.

As far as DS, I feel pretty much the same as Austin. The big open world mail delivery stuff I am so, so down for, but the more Kojima elements of the story I’m pretty nervous about.

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My two thoughts on Ring Fit Adventure:

  • Borrowing the idea of little attack minigames from Paper Mario / Mario & Luigi, but making them small workouts, and then color-coding the enemies to encourage specific workouts is some galaxy brain game design
  • There’s some joker in Nintendo who they keep asking to design villain characters, and they keep coming back with “okay you want another hot bad boy, got it”

Anyone remember the youtube critique of Control that was mentioned? I really wish some of these links were in the show notes.

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Pretty sure it’s this one, I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet but I saw it linked on twitter a few times:


Yup, that is it. Thank you so much! I couldn’t find it while scrubbing through the podcast.

Oh, so much this. As a small creator trying to make quality content on YouTube, it’s such a struggle. It doesn’t really matter what you do if The Algorithm doesn’t deign to look in your direction, and what It wants is eyeballs. The worst content constantly gets pushed to the top cuz it brings the clicks, and that’s how the machine is structured in a self-feeding beast.

If The Algorithm won’t work for small creators, what can we do? Most places have understandable restrictions on “self promotion”, and any place that doesn’t ends up as a lawless and useless link dump. So most small creators, no matter how good their work, end up screaming into the void.

It’s demoralizing, but we still do it in the hope that some magic spark will catch and we’ll build an audience. So Austin and Rob are both right. Promoting small creators is vital, because The Algorithm sure as heck won’t.

Anyway, check my bio for my channel if you’d be interested in a puppet show about video games :slight_smile:

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  1. I will 100% buy ring fit at the first real price drop. I played Wii Fit U for years and loved it. I have a soft spot of weird workout games. They encourage me to move even when my body feels real bad.

  2. I’m someone who talks about how youtube as a platform is just not for me and a large part of that is the algorithm. I hate the things that are popular on youtube (with a few exceptions). Sticking in video games, I don’t like streams and I don’t like listening to people talk over video games. Part of this is who is doing the talking and how the talking is done(the jokes the cadence etc.). I HATE videos of people’s faces talking into the camera. That stuff can go right in bin. I hate whacky camera stuff. I hate forced hyperbolic reactions.
    Yes, I know that’s not all of gaming content on youtube, but it gets surfaced a lot. Video essays are a minefield and the overwhelming majority are trash, and if I do find a good one there’s a strong chance that I won’t care about any of the other content they produce because it’s all about games I haven’t played and probably won’t for years to come, or the person actually sucks and I just found their one good video first.
    As a viewer who is not predisposed to liking a lot of what youtube to offer it’s easier to just write the whole platform off than it is to try to find anything worth watching for me. It’s the same with podcasts and websites but youtube’s barrier to entry for me is just much higher.
    and the thing is youtube is my #1 vehicle for watching TV content outside of the NBA season. It’s just all rock climbing and cooking with dog.
    and maybe it’s because I don’t consider myself a part of any real video game community, but I feel anytime spent talking about pewdiepie is a waste of time. I know he’s a major influencer of content stuff, but I don’t care about him. He’s a bad person that does bad things to get attention and he’s entirely irrelevant to my life. And furthermore I think too much attention is left leaning spaces often gets spent on dissecting bad actors. It’s a sort of fatal flaw of people who try to be understanding and have context for society. My instinct was to fast forward as soon as y’all started talking about it, but my hands were covered in dough.

  3. rinse repeate what I’ve probably said in twelve other threads about wishing a marginalized auteur was allowed the budget and freedom kojima gets. I’m honestly a little uncomfortable with how people are so willing and excited to ignore all the trash Kojima puts in his games because of who he is. MGS3 is one of my favorite games and I just can’t get over the camera control for ogling a woman’s breasts that is in that game multiple times for no reason.

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