‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Treats All Exercise The Same, And That's a Problem

Because I’ve been running for years, I’m in decent shape. My upper body is made of glass and can barely lift a paperweight, but my lower body? Pretty good, all told. Running a meaningful distance requires understanding of proper breathing techniques and a certain amount of endurance, so when I started playing Ring Fit Adventure, I ramped up the difficulty, figuring it would be necessary for the game to make a dent. The problem? Ring Fit Adventure treats difficulty universally, which means every exercise is suddenly set to hard.

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As you go on, you’ll get a Core workout ability that does far more damage than planks and specializes in a different part of your core (right now I’m doing leg lifts, which are difficult, but not almost impossible like planks are for me).

I don’t think there’s a particularly good solution aside from the assist options they’ve put in, because there are some exercises which are just not going to be tenable for certain people; a person might be totally capable of planks, but struggle with squatting for example.

Also I don’t think the difficulty selection affects the running sections of the game very much, from what I’ve seen it almost exclusively affects the specific routines.

I absolutely agree - at the highest difficulty 30 squats are treated equally to the core yoga lifts. Early on you don’t have many abilities unlocked and can literally be doing hundreds of squats.

A difficulty lever for each type of workout would be a fantastic idea.

100% agreed. Although the game doesn’t rush you to finish workouts which is quite helpful. I usually swap ones out that I’m really struggling with for a level or two, or try to use them sparingly so I don’t overextend myself.